How To Get Back Into Writing

You’ve been busy with school/work and haven’t been able to give any time to your WIP and now that you are relatively freer, you want to start writing again, so you open up your WIP and try to get back into the flow of writing, but it isn’t just that easy is it?

So, here, today, I am going to share some tips you could use to get back into a writing mood after an abstinence period!


I think what one should do is just start small by rereading what you’ve already written over some course of time or looking over your planning for the plots and characters if you have that done somewhere explicitly and neatly.

The thing is, no matter how good your memory is one can not remember every detail and details are important when writing a book so rereading and looking over plots will help jog your memory and also get you back into the flow of the book so that when you finally do start the writing process again, it is easier for you to do so!

Another thing that I think can help is setting a particular goal. If you have a goal, you feel more obliged to work since you want to complete it and so you start writing so you can make progress and once you start writing, everything clicks into place and book, suddenly, you’re done with some thousand words and your story is moving forward!

Just reading, in general, is also a great motivating factor to write. When you read a boom that touches your heart or one that you completely despise, you realise why you need to have your story out in the world for others to enjoy and that is what really makes me keep writing and moving ahead.


So those are three small tips but those are all I use to help me get back into writing! I would love to learn more tips from all of you for the next time I have a problem with this! So leave me some tips on how to get back into writing in the comments below. 

Also, have you all been getting time to write lately? Or has your WIP been abandoned like mine had been? Tell me in the comments below! 

– Jayati

5 thoughts on “How To Get Back Into Writing

  1. I feel personally attacked by that intro, Jayati (and I’m only half joking 😜). this summer class has taken over my life until Wednesday, and any little bits of leftover time have gone to blog maintenance, reading, and just generally being a functioning human being.

    when trying to get back into writing, I’ve been guilty of a more “burn it all to the ground and start over” / “all my old WIPs are now ‘drawer novels’ that I refuse to touch for at least a few more months” approach, which means I start a lot of stories and never finish them. oops.

    though I do have a handful of WIPs that I still return to in one way or another, sometimes trying to finish them and sometimes reinventing the premise into something else; it might sound a little weird, but rereading my own work has been particularly helpful in reacquainting myself with my writing style – I read tons even when I don’t have the time/energy to write, so all those ideas and characters and turns of phrase can get mixed up in my head.

    setting specific goals is definitely super helpful! it’s one of the big reasons that I always join (Camp) NaNo when it comes around even if I don’t win – I should probably be setting more realistic, attainable goals when I’m getting back into the groove (like writing just 500 words / 30 min per day), but the theory is pretty sound.

    on a related note, in the past I’ve started with outtakes and super-short stories just get relearn the rhythm of writing and get to know my characters better, which helps me more easily get back into it. they’re quick and relatively easy, so I get a sense of accomplishment which motivates me to keep going!

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    1. Ugh I have also done the burning to the ground thing and it’s just so destructive! But, it is definitely lucrative to start anew and not have to rethink everything you did earlier and try to figure out why you did it

      Haha, I’ve never won camp nano as well but I keep joining just like you, and who knows? Maybe one day we will win it!

      Writing short stories is definitely a great idea and I will try and do that when I finally decide it’s time to write again! Thank you so much for the tip!

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  2. Rereading what you’ve already written is such a good thing to do because it gets you interested in writing more and of course, if you’ve been away for a while (from your wip), it gives you that ‘previously on’ feeling so you know what to write next!
    Making yourself write like a 100 words definitely gets you motivated enough that you end up writing way more words than you thought you would.

    Some advice I can give is ‘think regularly about your wip’ – this helps when you do go back to writing then you’re not too far from the story. Also, if you get any ideas about some scenes or dialogue, or even if you see prompts for AUs or story prompts that you like, write them down so you can incorporate it into your story.

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  3. Ugh I’ve been terrible at finding time to write since Camp Nano ended last month. D: I’ve been such a slump with literally everything this summer and I really hope I’ll be able to get out of it soon cuz I’m so close to finishing my WIP! I hope I can do it by September, or at least before October so I can prep for the real Nanowrimo. XD Thanks for the advice! 😀


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