Monthly Wrap-Up

August Wrap-Up

Hey everyone! Another month has passed us by and it’s been crazy to say the least. With trying to get everything in schedule and pending college applications from October onwards and all the colleges that have been visiting my school, it’s safe to say that the past month has been stressful and I can only imagine what it will be like in November if this is just the beginning!


August was a whirlwind waiting to drag me with it. I had tests during the first week of August, which I did pretty okay in for the most part of it and then I had so many parties to go to!

It seemed like everyone has been born in August because, in this span of 31 days, I had to attend 5 birthday parties as compared to the none to one I attend every month.

I also had family functions and stuff to go to which turned out to be better than I expected except for all the physical contact and ‘oh, you look so different than the last time we met’ and ‘look. you’ve gotten so big’ because apparently, I am supposed to stay 5 all my life.


  • T-Minus: 4 stars ||An enjoyable but sort of unrealistic book.
  • Call Her Mine: 4 stars || A cute and entertaining romance, I mean, two best friends who have been obliviously in love with each other forever and add a baby to the mix, and there you go!
  •  His Billionaire Bride: 5 stars || One of the cutest and fluffiest books I’ve ever read. I loved it a lot! I also loved how there were real problems and how this book made me feel.
  • The QB and me: 3 stars || This was surely interesting and it surprised me, but there were some problems.
  • The Love Solution: 3 stars || I couldn’t really get into this book at the start but it did get good after 50%!
  • Crooked Kingdom: 4 stars ||
  • Shadow and Bone: ||

non bookish favs

Average days per book:  4 days

Total pages this month: 2190 pages
Average Pages per day: 70 pages

Total pages this year: 15193  pages
Average Pages per day: 62
 pages (244 days)


As usual, I started off this month by Wrapping up everything that happened in July and you can check out here.

After that, I shared with you all my goals for the month!

I also shared some tips on how to get back into writing with you all as school is starting now and time will be scarce.

I reccomended some book by Indian Authors in celebration of the Indian Indepndence Day on 15th of August.

Lastly, I shared what all I watched this summer!


I technically posted 3 reviews this month which is really horrible, especially considering that I read 7 books, but I hope September will be better!

Reading Challenges Status

  • Goodreads Reading Challenge: 50/50 (100%)
  • PopSugar Reading Challenge: 11/40 (27.5%)
  • Classics Reading Challenge: 4/50 (8%)


I have been on an ARC Ban for all of August and I am proud to say that I did not break any rules. I had allowed myself to request another ARC/ apply for a blog tour per two ARCs I read and I am happy to say that I did exactly that!

My birthday comes in September and I will turn 17 this year! I am sort of excited because of all the gifts I will get but, I will have exams going on at that time 😥

On a happier note though, I will hopefully be celebrating my birthday sometime late September or early October and I am really excited for that!

That is all for this month! Hope you liked it. Share how your month was in the comments below. How many books did you read? What are your plans for September?

-Jayati xx


11 thoughts on “August Wrap-Up

  1. Happy Birthday to you! I have a daughter just about your age, and I wish she read as much as you do. Bravo. I love that you keep track of how many pages you read a year – that is a great idea.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Aww, 17 is a great number – I wish i’d be Seventeen again .. ahaha 😅 Too bad it comes in a time of exams … I’m sort of unlucky in the way it’s the very LAST week of the year, so in college people were salty they couldn’t do any alcohol-related stuff as a class as I was STILL 18 when I got in (Legal age is 19, here) but in a way, I always slipped into the winter break.

    Congrats for keeping on the arc ban!! That’s great!! This month also seemed to be a good one reading wise 🙂
    I wouldn’t worry too too much about the reviews to keep up with – as long as you’ve made notes or something so you don’t forget what you’re read that is, haha.

    Have an awesome September, my dear xx I hope that school will treat you well!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. 17 sounds so big to me but also really fun I guess! Ah, well that’s pretty annoying.

      I kind of have noes I guess? Here’s to hoping that they make sense when I finally get to writing the reviews!

      Hope you have a great September as well! Xx

      Liked by 1 person

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