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What I watched this Summer

Hey there, I am still alive! I know I haven’t posted in forever and also that I gave no indication towards it. Now, I have to admit that I have no explanation either. I was busy, yes, but I don’t know – it just didn’t feel right?

Anyway, moving on, I am back now and that is what matters!

I just realised that somewhere along the way, I stopped sharing what I had been watching with you all and so, I decided to make a big wrap about all that I watched in the past 3 months – June, July and August.

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How To Get Back Into Writing

You’ve been busy with school/work and haven’t been able to give any time to your WIP and now that you are relatively freer, you want to start writing again, so you open up your WIP and try to get back into the flow of writing, but it isn’t just that easy is it?

So, here, today, I am going to share some tips you could use to get back into a writing mood after an abstinence period!

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My 2019 Summer Playlist

Hey everyone! I know I don’t talk about music a lot on here but I decided, why the hell not? It is my blog and I love listening to music and I should share some songs I really love with you all! So, today I am here with my 2019 summer playlist. 

(Don’t judge me too hard, okay?) 

(Some songs are gonna be pretty old (like 2012-2013) because I’m bad at keeping up to date with music) 

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What I do to improve my mood when I’m having a bad day

Honestly, bad days are unavoidable and since I haven’t been having a good week I thought I’d write about what I’ve been doing about it and how I’ve been trying to motivate myself to get up and actually do some stuff through the day.

In this post, I’m just talking about some things that help me and put me in a better mood. Hope they can help you too if you’re feeling low!

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