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This or That Tag

I was recently tagged by Isabelle @BookWyrmBite to do the This or That Tag and I can’t believe I’m doing this tag when I have so many others to get to first, but well, this seems interesting, so here we go…

I’m very indecisive so let us see how it goes! Hopefully, I’ll be able to choose more or less!

Series or standalone?

Series are amazing since we get to be with the characters for a longer period of time but I will have to choose stand alones since it is hard to keep up with series and often the books are stretched and get boring.

Magic Earned or Magic Born?

I love the concept of Magic Born more than Magic earned. It just appeals to me more.

Enemies to lovers or friends to lovers?

Both of these tropes can be amazing when well written but I like Enemies-to-lovers more because of the chemistry involved in that and also how they get together against all odds.  Moreover, the angst in there kills me but is also the reason I live!

Love triangle or Insta-love?

Hmm, I don’t like either of these tropes much but if I had to choose one, I’d say insta-love because through the book they can get to know each other and be redeemed but there is no such redemption possible in love triangles.

Keyboard smash names or names that all start with the same letters?

Names that all start with the same letter definitely. At least I’d be able to pronounce them and that’s already one step ahead in remembering them than keyboard smash names!

Mean parents or dead parents?

Honestly, I wanna say neither but I think I’ll have to choose mean parents over dead parents because at least they are there no matter how awful they are!

Supermodel looks or constantly saying how “plain” they are?

I think Supermodel looks because honestly, I don’t love hearing about how the character looks all the time. I mean, I wanna know some basic details but I don’t want it to keep being mentioned all the damn time!

Face on cover or typography on cover?

Typography on the cover all the way. I am sorry but I do not want the fate of the entire cover to rest on just one person’s looks and yeah, I do get that it is important to show POC on covers but typography just looks so pretty!

Villain turning a little good or hero turning a little bad?

Um, Hero turning a little bad. I mean, no one’s perfect so I guess it would be realistic to see both happen but as we are (most of the times) seeing things from the hero’s POV it would make more sense to show him doing something bad.

Best friend dies or lover dies?

Lover dies definitely. I know lovers are important but best friends are more important according to me and BFF deaths are something that I find extremely hard to get through. Lover deaths are hard, yeah, but they’re easier to get over.

Awesome writing with dull plot or amazing plot with murderously bad writing?

To me, both the plot and the writing are equally important but I think I will stick with a good plot and bad writing for longer than a dull plot and good writing.

Cliffhanger ending or heartbreaking ending?

Really? Who wants either of those?
I’ll take heartbreaking endings though because I love books because of the way they make me feel and heartbreak is just a part of life.

Breaking the spine or dog-earing the pages?

None. No concession over here.

“Bad boy” or “perfect golden boy” love interest?

Bad boys all the way.
I think it’s the bad boy-good girl trope that makes me attracted towards them since I can be classified as a ‘good girl’ in many aspects so I have a liking towards bad boys. I just like the thrill of not knowing what you’re about to do and what trouble you’re about to get into. Its what makes life interesting.



So that is it for today, Do you agree with my answers? What answers would you have chosen? Tell me in the comments below!


9 thoughts on “This or That Tag

  1. ooooh I think we’re about 60/40 on shared answers, all your reasoning makes sense but of course we’re different people with different tastes and that’s totally cool 😜 (except the “breaking the spine or dog-earing the pages” questions – there is only one right answer, which is the answer we both put!)

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