Monthly Wrap-Up

June Wrap-Up

Hey everyone! I really cannot believe that half of the year has already ended and now as we move into July, I am sharing with all of you the amazing things that happened in June!

June was summer vacations and I had a lot of fun doing things such as vacationing in Vietnam, Watching a lot of movies and spending time with my family!


On the 7th of June, I headed off to Vietnam and spent about 10 days there. I had a lot of fun and I’d love to share more about it with you sometime later! I’ll try to make a post about it or at least a twitter thread to share with you all!

Other than that, I mainly attempted to finish my holiday homework and just spend some time with my family,

It was a good month overall and I even kept up with my blog so I’m really happy about it!


  • Becoming: 5 stars || I loved listening to Michelle Obama’s voice and her story, It was just so inspiring!
  • Six of crows: 4 stars || The twists and turns in this book were so crazy and I just couldn’t believe it!
  • Red, White and Royal Blue: 5 stars || One of the cutest and fluffiest books I’ve ever read.
  • The Priory of the Orange Tree: 5 stars || My favourite book of the year yet – maybe.
  • Can’t Beat the Chemistry: 4 stars || Everything just unravelled perfectly in this + cute ending!
  • Cupid’s Match: 3.5 stars || Cute and nice and entertaining!
  • The Rebound Boyfriend: 3 stars ||Cliché? I mean it was nice and all but I needed more.
  • When Summer Ends: 4 stars || Oh god, I loved this book – it was so cute and the ending!

non bookish favs

Average days per book:  3.75 days

Total pages this month: 2958 pages
Average Pages per day: 98.6 pages

Total pages this year: 11461 pages
Average Pages per day:
 63.3 pages


As usual, I started off this month by Wrapping up everything that happened in May and you can check out here.

After that, I shared with you all my Goals for the month and also my Bullet Journal spreads.

In lieu of me going on a vacation, I decided to share my Travelling essentials with you all!

I also decided to do a post featuring writing so I shared How To Inspire yourself to Write. I think you can expect a few more posts about writing in the upcoming months since I have been working on my WIP quite a bit!

After that, I shared my Summer Playlist since I’ve been listening to a lot of music and also because I haven’t really shared anything about Music on here and I had to rectify that!

Then, in the spirit of evaluating how I’ve done so far, I shared an Update on my 2019 Goals and also an Update on my Reading Stats for the year so far!


Well, 4 seems good enough to me since I was just recovering from a reading slow in May!


This or That Tag 



Screen Shot 2019-04-27 at 10.50.57 PM

Thoughts I have when Someone reads a book I love 

Thoughts I have While at A Bookstore

Reading Challenges Status

  • Goodreads Reading Challenge: 34/50 (68%)
  • PopSugar Reading Challenge: 11/40 (27.5%)
  • Classics Reading Challenge: 4/50 (8%)

That is all for this month! Hope you liked it. Share how your month was in the comments below. How many books did you read? Did you all have exams as well? How did they go?

-Jayati xx

18 thoughts on “June Wrap-Up

    1. I hope you love RWRB!
      And about Vietnam – if you go, don’t go in the summers. It’s too hot and it’s a wonder I’m not dead yet!


  1. You were so incredibly busy!! Wow! I think I read 25 books this month, it’s all a haze to me at this point, but, I didn’t have exams or anything, I’ve been patiently waiting to see when we’re going to move, so I’ll be lucky to read like 10 books this month haha. Loved your posts in June and can’t wait for July posts

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Aaaah I’m still trying to process the fact that we’re over half way through 2019 what happened to the months *sobs* Eeeek I’m glad you ended up enjoying Six of Crows, that duology is one of my favs which I don’t shriek about enough. Hope you have a great July and good luck with your WIP ❤

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I know – me too! It’s so surreal!
      I’m even more excited about Crooked Kingdom – which I plan to start tonight now! Hope I end up loving it as much as you did!


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