Off Tangent Thoughts

Thoughts I have While at a Bookstore

Hey everyone! I’m back again with another instalment of ‘Off Tangent Thought’., a meme created by Charvi @Not Just Fiction. I have been doing this meme for quite some time now and I am loving it so here we go with a new topic to start off listing my thoughts about today!



  • this place is heaven 
  • Can I live here? 
  • I really want to live here 
  • I want to own a bookstore when I grow up 
  • *thinks of unread books at home*
  • *decides to book just one book* 
  • *starts looking around the store to decide* 
  • *picks out like 5 books* 
  • *places them in a row to try and decide which one to buy* 
  • *debates it for like an hour* 
  • *keeps staring at them* 
  • *sighs* 
  • I can’t do this 
  • *asks whoever is with me to choose* 
  • *they panic* 
  • Just that this one, they say, picking up a random book
  • Okay
  • *nods head at the book* 
  • But I want that one too! 
  • And that one! 
  • And that one! 
  • And that one! 
  • *grumbles* 
  • *ends up buying at least 3 out of 5* 
  • *increases unread books at home* 
  • *feels satisfied but also so guilty* 


Those are my thoughts when I go to a bookstore! What are your thoughts? Are they similar or very different? Tell me in the comments below! 


12 thoughts on “Thoughts I have While at a Bookstore

  1. I’m exactly the same way. I can spend hours in a bookstore looking through everything. I think most of the time is spent trying to decide which books I’ll actually buy, only to buy most of them anyway. I have a whole book cart of TBR books. I keep telling myself there are worse addictions to have…

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  2. Omg. This is so relatable. I was just with my friend at a bookstore, and we spent an hour debating which books to buy xD Love this post!

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  3. Great post, this is so relatable. People hate going to bookshops with me as I take so long in them, and they never trust me when I say I’m just going to browse as I always end up with at least 1 book 😀💜💜

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