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Book Haul!

Hey everyone! It’s been a long time since I shared all the new books I have bought with you all and so, now that I have hauled a fresh set of books that my friends got me for my birthday, I thought I would finally share them all with you!

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September Wrap Up

Hey everyone! I’m a year older this month? WOW. I finally turned 17 and it given me graduation feelings since there’s only 6 more months of school left? I mean, where did all that time go?

As I said, another month is coming to a close and so, let us see what all I did this month. Honestly thought this month was slow and there isn’t much to share, so let’s just divulge in.

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Taking A Hiatus | Why it is important, its consequences and how to get back into blogging

Hey everyone! Today I’m here and talking about going on Hiatus. I have to say that I have been considering it a lot lately since life has been crazy and overwhelming and I’m barely getting any time to myself to read or blog or enjoy it as I could before. So, this post is basically a collection of thoughts of what I think of hiatuses and how I think they will play out.

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