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Blogging Anxieties

Hello everyone! I’ve been on here for quite some time now and yet, every time I think of a new topic to post about or a new review to post or just anything, I seem to always ask myself if it’s a good topic and will people like it and will people want to read what I have to say about it, and well, I thought let’s talk about that and see if others feel the same way as men too?


Something that I often feel before starting a new post is have too many people already talked about this? If yes, then why should I talk about it too? Will my opinions matter? Or should I try to come up with something more original to talk about?

The thing is, most topics in the bookish community have been talked about quite a few times and still, there is often a lot more to say on them and you always bring in a new perspective – yours, and so your views on it matter too, and while I know this logically sometimes I find it hard to believe as I start working on a new post.

Having been around for a while now and having seen all the same arguments, it’s where I start from too when I begin a new post but what I have discovered as I go along is sometimes I uncover a tangent that hasn’t been discussed till now, or a personal experience I could share on the topic or just anything to make my post just a bit different than the others.

But on the other hand, there are many times it doesn’t pan out too and those are what lead me to question myself even more the next time I think of starting with a discussion topic. It’s really hard for me to combat this because what do I, an 18 year old, know? Is what I’m saying really important and should I write this post? Will people think I’m just copying others or will they think that what I have to say is important? Will they like seeing my views on it?

So, should I write the post that is in my head or should I just let it be?


Another thing I feel when writing a new post is if my audience will enjoy reading it? This happens especially in the above case when I’m talking on a popular bookish topic and trying to give my own perspective – because are they tired of seeing it and hence, wouldn’t want to read my post? Or will they still find what I have to say on it interesting?

This also happens so often when I think of posting something new or different from what I usually post. I’ve been thinking about posting a bit more about my WIP (I’m just too nervous to do that to be honest) and maybe review the shows I watch but I’m scared that people wouldn’t be interested in those posts since they came here for books and posts related to that.

I know this is my blog and I should do whatever I want with it, but I also want my posts to be received well and to have people interact with it and not feel like I’m just shooting into a void where nobody is listening.


This actually happened to me about 2 months back when I realised I’d just been posting book list after book list giving book recommendations for different things but essentially, just so many recommendations and I wondered if people were tired of seeing all those same books?

I wondered if I needed more reviews but I had none since I hadn’t been reading much at the time and didn’t have the energy to write reviews for the books I had read. I also didn’t have any thoughts for a discussion post and the only thing that called to me was bookish lists and I didn’t know if people were still liking those, but I didn’t have it in me to write anything else either.

And so, we get an impromptu hiatus because I get too anxious to even write bookish lists and don’t have any other ideas to post about and so I distract myself by ignoring my blog.


It just isn’t that easy to manage posting regularly as it is, and when I have college and all other deadlines imposing too, I don’t have the energy to try and write posts. This is just a hobby so I shouldn’t be stressing so much about it but it just keeps me up at night when I haven’t posted in a week because I’m not supposed to be on a hiatus, or when I can’t think of new post ideas and hence have no new content to put up on the blog or for whatever reason just haven’t been that active.

I don’t like abandoning my blog. Posting here and responding to comments and looking at your blog posts and commenting on those are some of my favourite things to do! I love seeing what you’re all reading and doing, and I love sharing what I’ve been upto and seeing how you all react to it and I just hate when I’m irregular on here.

And when I come back after I’ve been away for a while, I just can’t help but think if you’ll remember me? and if people would care whether or not I come back?

So, here we have another rant post by yours truly because they were insecure and didn’t know what to post and thought, you know what, let’s talk about the things that make me anxious. Anyway, let me know if you relate to any of these and if you’ve overcome them, how you did that! Do you have any other blogging anxieties? I mean, I may have them too but just couldn’t describe them in words so come talk to me and we can maybe help each other feel a bit lighter after talking it through?


29 thoughts on “Blogging Anxieties

  1. Oh my god, you hit all the points with this post!
    I’ve felt most of the anxieties you describe but especially the one about people reading what I write. I can feel my reading taste changing and I don’t feel interested anymore in the books that seem popular. I also want to try other forms of posts and stuff but I’m afraid no one will be interested.
    I think a post about something so personal but so relatable at the same time as this is super cool. I really enjoyed it!

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  2. Honestly this is a post after my heart because SAME. It has been over a year since I’ve consistently blogged and with every break I tag, the more nervous I get about returning. I feel like I sweat in out so much 😅
    All these thoughts run through my head so thank you for sharing. I feel these topics have been talking about before, maybe I do too many tags or no one wants to hear about what I’m saying. Basically I never feel good enough. Like you, I feel wayyy too nervous talking about my WIP. I mean I even struggle to talk to my family about it. 🙈 It is a goal of mine to branch into new topics with my blog as well. Hopefully we can both do it as we want to. I have been inconsistent with everything lately but if you ever do content like WIP or TV shows, I would be just as interesting in reading about it as I would be books. 🥰
    Lately, I have even been feeling too nervous to express my opinions on books. I just overthink it so much 😅 I wrote a poat on it to see if anyone feels the same which I am hoping to post soon, would it be alright if I share this post of yours on that post as it is a similar strain and I relate so much (no pressure though)??
    I feel very irregular with my blog too. My motivation to write seems to cycle from ‘yeah let’s do this’ to ‘I’m never writing again’ far too much 😅
    Again, thank you for this post ❤️

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    1. Hey,
      I’m glad you could relate to my post and reading it helped you connect!
      I love all the tags you do and I’d love to hear about your WIP if you ever feel comfortable talking about it!
      And thank you, I’m glad to hear that! I’m excited to try out new posts soon!
      OOOf yes, I get that too! Especially when the book is famous and I have controversial opinions on it. It just makes me rethink why I thought what I did when reading the book and was I wrong? and will people think I’m stupid for thinking what I did?
      And yes, definitely! I’m really looking forward to reading your post on it!
      Thank you so much for stopping by 💕

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      1. Thank you sooo much !! 💕 Yeah definitely overthink it when you have a ‘controversial’ opinion and overthinking on how to word it as well. Thank youuuu, hopefully it will be ready soon !! 💕


  3. Honestly I totally relate to all of these things and I don’t think we really get over them but they’re just quieter sometimes and louder other times. you’re doing great though, never doubt that 🧡

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  4. This is honestly all so relatable. I don’t think there’s any one of us bloggers out there that doesn’t have these doubts or anxieties. It’s important to voice them every now and then, but also to go ahead and do what your gut tells you to just go for. Being your authentic self is what will make your blog thrive ❤ You're doing great!!

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  5. This is such a relatable post, Jayati! I feel like one of the reasons why I don’t post discussions on my blog is because I always feel like no one will read them. 😅

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  6. Thank you for this extremely relatable post!! I have only been posting reviews and I have found my blog boring and I felt like it wasn’t reflecting my personality. THE STRUGGLE. Who knew doing something that I love could be such a big source of stress?? I’m so happy you addressed this and may it serve us as a reminder to stay true to ourselves and have fun! 🥰

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  7. Oof- i have like tens of posts in my little blogging serie « blogging with anxiety ».. some of them kinda overlapping, but overall just going in all different directions 😂

    The one I do get the most is definately “would people wanna read this”.. so bad. I have a habit of sending screenshots of my posts to friend(s) hoping they’d tell me what they think- if it’s good or not 🤭 but definately trying to loosen up more and just hecking go with it and post it. Just. Stop. Thinking!!

    I also worry of doing too much of X in a row- unless it’s bookish because well.. I do think of myself more like a book blog even though i’m branching out quite alot (but Mental Health get a pass too! Important!)

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  8. i’ve been on a bit of a blogging break recently, because i just can’t find the motivation to post anything, so this post really resonated with me! the lower engagement rates always get me down, and i’m scared to post after i take breaks, because i’m not sure if people are still interested in my content. love this post so much! 💕

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  9. Sometimes I get so much anxiety over blogging, which of course makes me want to blog less, and then I get anxiety over that :/ I always worry about coming off the wrong way. But I should have more faith in myself! When I think about it logically, though, I don’t THINK I usually come off in a bad way, it really is just anxiety.

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  10. Oh, I can relate too much to “will people want to read this” and especially to the “am I posting too much of the same kind of posts” struggles. I’m glad to see we all have these anxieties that in the end don’t really matter because this is, at least for me, a hobby.

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  11. I wrote a post back in 2013 titled, “What I Learned About Blogging after I Quit Blogging”. It’s disturbing that so many other bloggers have the same problem.
    Here is what experience has taught me, “Feelings can’t be trusted”. Set a time each day, dedicated solely to writing or reading. The constant repetition will dampen feelings of anxiety and allow you to focus. By the end of each month you will have pages of thoughts and ideas that can be turned into posts.
    Give it a shot, you have nothing to lose but a round of writers’ anxiety.
    Brian Holiday of The Daily Stoic has a video on overcoming the problems that crop up when writing.


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