Reading Picnic

Hey everyone! Today is day 2 of me being a host for Bookending Spring and here we go with today’s prompt – it is Reading Picnic!

Spring means good weather and who doesn’t like to sit out in the open and read, so what are some things you need to carry with you while reading outside and what are some of the foods you like to carry with you to snack on.


A Cup of Coffee 

As you all may have figured by my blog name itself, I love coffee and it is pretty much necessary for me all the time! I love to drink coffee when I read and I definitely make myself a cup to take with me when I’m going to read.

A Blanket 

Well, I obviously need a blanket to sit on, so this one is pretty straightforward.


I love to snack on something while reading once my coffee is  over. I usually carry some homemade snacks with me or some dry fruit.

Phone and Speakers 

Lastly, I love to listen to music while reading and since I’m usually just setting all this up in my own backyard, I take my phone and speakers and turn up the volume as high as I like!

Alright, so those are my essentials for when I am reading outside. What are yours? Tell me in the comments below! 


8 thoughts on “Reading Picnic

  1. Definitely water.. I tend to get thirsty a lot! And the knowledge that there’ll be a loo nearby lol!

    Snacks for sure and a notebook and pen/pencil 🙂 and of course my phone so I can take Instagram worthy pics outdoors!!

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