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Mini Book Haul!

Hey everyone, I really had no clue about what I should post today so I thought I’d just tell you about the books I’ve bought in the past few weeks. They’re mostly romance because it’s easier to read that than Fantasy according to me and considering the current situation, I’m finding it pretty hard to read.

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Book Haul!

Hey everyone! It’s been a long time since I shared all the new books I have bought with you all and so, now that I have hauled a fresh set of books that my friends got me for my birthday, I thought I would finally share them all with you!

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April Book Haul!

Hey everyone! I finally broke my book buying ban and bought a whole lot of books this month!

A few of them still haven’t arrived yet and well, I ordered a lot of them today since it is World Book Day and there was a huge sale which I just couldn’t resist no matter
how hard I tried to…

Guess I need to take a look at my own post: Guide to Buying Optimal Number of Books and learn something!
Anways, here we go…

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October book haul!

October is already off to a great start as I just bought 8 books! I can’t wait to share with you all the amazing titles I acquired this week!

Those are amazing 7 books that I just bought and am excited to read. In addition to those, I also preordered the Kingdom of Ash by Sarah J Maas. I can not believe that the Throne of Glass series will end this month. OMG, I feel as if I am in shock. I guess, it never really hit me until now!


I can not wait to begin reading these wonderful books!

Tell me if you have read these and which one I should begin with.

-Jayati xx

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May Book Haul

The month is almost about to end, so let us take a look at all the amazing books I bought this month. I did buy quite a few this month but seems that my reading speed is not quite as fast for I couldn’t read all of them.

I bought 9 fabulous books and read only 3 of them and others from what I already had. Good that I will have enough books for June. Hopefully, I will not buy more else my ever increasing TBR pile lying on my bookshelf will never get over.

Peace out cuties ♥