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Longest books I’ve read

Hey everyone! As a book dragon, I read many books of various sizes and lengths.

Today I am sharing some of the longest books I have ever read with you all.

Short books are not very intimidating and easy to read but longer books- although they require time, they let you connect with the characters in a deep way and have a longer span during which you can connect and love the characters.

So, we often ignore long books but sometimes we can’t keep away and here I’m sharing with you all some extremely long books I’ve read in all the years I’ve been a book dragon.

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Book Series

Hey everyone! It’s time for another bookish discussion with me. I know I haven’t done one in long and I’m sorry about that, but here we go…

Today, I am talking about series, their lengths, the pros, the cons, etc. I’m just having a little discussion about what I like and what I don’t…

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