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June Bullet Journal

Hey everyone! Today, I am showing you all my bullet journal spreads for this month. I don’t have many spreads this month and the ones that I do have are pretty simple but I think they all come together and look quite nice šŸ™‚

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ARC Review | Beau & Bett

There’s a little bit of beast in every person. And in every beast, there’s a human heart with a story of how it got to that place. A story waiting to be changed with understanding.

I receivedĀ a free copy of the book in exchange for my honest opinion from Netgalley. Receiving the book for free does not affect my opinion.


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7 Female Authors that I love #WHMReadingChallenge

Hey everyone!

The Womenā€™s History Month Reading Challenge is a reading challenge hosted by Ā Margaret@WeirdZeal for the entire month of March, aka Womenā€™s History Month. There are two sections of the challenge: the reading section and the blogging section. I am taking part in both!

For the blogging section, on each Monday of March, there is a post prompt for you to take part in if you so desire. For today, the 11th of March, the topic is: Female Authors.

So, let me start listing 7 of my favourite authors, This is gonna be hard but here we go:


J. K. Rowling is the author of Harry Potter and IĀ am so grateful to her for having written those books. Those books were the ones that got me to love reading as much as I do today. I used to read before I read Harry Potter but HP was what intensified that love and made me into the avid reader I am today!


SJM is a great writer and IĀ love the worlds she has created. I love her characters, especially how strong and powerful the females her. All her characters inspire me and make me want to keep trying. I love the characters she has formed and wish to become more like them.


Tahereh Mafi is another oneĀ of my favourite authors. I love the Shatter Me series, but I love A Very Large Expanse of Sea more because of the message it sends. I love how Tahereh bravely channels what she has felt into that book and how she speaks to the world of something that must be said!


I love Becky’s writing style and the way she is able to captivate a reader. I like how she focuses on LBGTQ+ characters and brings more and more diverse books into the world. Authors like her are very important for the development of the world as a whole.


Jenny Han is another author I admire a lot. I love the way her writing just flows and how one can stay up all night just reading her books. Someday, I wish to write a book even half as good as her books are!


Nicola Yoon is another fantastic author whom I love! Her books are so amazing and well, I just want more and more of them. I can keep reading her books for days!


Rainbow Rowell is another author I admire a lot. I especially like her book, Fangirl. I also liked Carry On a lot. Her books are amazing and well, I just get really attached to all of her characters!

What female authors do you like? Ā Do you like the authors I listed above? Tell me in the comments below.Ā 

Peace out cutiesĀ ā™„




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Longest books Iā€™ve read

Hey everyone! As a book dragon, I read many books of various sizes and lengths.

Today I am sharing some of the longest books I have ever read with you all.

Short books are not very intimidating and easy to read but longer books- although they require time, they let you connect with the characters in a deep way and have a longer span during which you can connect and love the characters.

So, we often ignore long books but sometimes we can’t keep away and here I’m sharing with you all some extremely long books I’ve read in all the years I’ve been a book dragon.

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