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Tropes I Love and Why I Love Them ft. some Book Recommendations!

Hello! I’d done a post about the tropes I dislike and why I don’t like them, so I thought I’d talk about some tropes that I actually do love, and why that is so! And of course, since we’re talking about some things I like, I’ll put in some book recommendations for you all too!

Actually, this one is pretty easy. I am pretty sure I am demiromantic – which is, I only feel romantic attraction to someone if we already have a strong emotional bond and so, slow burn gives bee time to see the characters interact and have their relationship develop before they get together. It feels for realistic for a romance that I might someday have and so, it is a trope I aways adore.

I also think a reason for this trope being as elite as it is is the fact that there is so much tension between the characters which just jumps out of the page and makes you feel so much about them getting together – whether it is you being mad at them not being together already or just being so happy when they do finally get together, that either way, it’s just a lot of emotions and books that make me feel emotional are truly the best.

This book follows Jasmine and Ivan, two figure skaters who have been competing against each other for years and have never had a good relationship due to said competition. But, now, they’re going to be partners and have to work together id they want to win.

Thing is, there’s still a lot of hate and animosity between them and I love how we get to see that as they desperately try to work together in order to succeed. I love the banter and fighting and then how they start liking each other as they spend more time together and slowly, there are softer moments, and then finally. FINALLY. They get together at pretty much the end of the book.

I adored their romance and everything about it. I highly recommend this book if you like slow burn, trust me, you will not be dip pointed because these two take forever.

A big reason for me liking this trope is seeing how people overcome the prejudices that colour your view of somebody else and seeing who they actually are, instead of who you thought they are. Now again, this trope can become so toxic so easily and it’s a hard line to maintain but when it is done well and the truth is revealed a piece at a time, this just uncovers who the people are truly at their cores, giving us an amazing emotional bond between the characters as they open up to the other and it just has my heart each time.

Also, the banter and the tension in this trope are SO good too! I am here for them making snide comments and judging each other and making mistakes only for them to get to know the truth and have an emotional conversation which may make me tear up and just see as they still continue to make snide comments later, but it is significantly different because now, they’re not supposed to hurt or be mean any longer.

Rowan and Neil have been academic rivals ever since they entered high school and now, it’s their last of school and there is one final competition for them to win. However, as things turn out, they have to work together and in doing so discover so much about the other they had never known and fall in love.

This book is set mostly over a 24 hours period and yet, the romance didn’t feel rushed and I loved that. I loved how they were surprised at getting to know things about the other and how they slowly see each other in a different light and how they realise that maybe, just maybe, they’re falling in love with the other and it was just so so good.

Priya and Malini have such different lives. Priya is a maidservant just trying to live after everything that’s happened to her while Malini is a princess who has been exiled from her country and is trapped in the Hirana.

But, thing happen and now Priya is Malini’s maidservant even though they don’t get along very well and have their own motives to attend to which vary quite a bit because both these women want to do what they can for their own countries and yet, they fall in love and help out the other and I loved it.

Just everything about this book is perfect. You can check out my review for it here.

Okay so there may be a pattern with all the tension because I absolutely love it. Everything about this trope is so so good according to me, from how they have to sneak around and pretend they don’t know each other or aren’t together around others to how sweet and cute and romantic their secret meetings are which give me life because omg, they are happy and I just want more of that.

I also really really love the big clash that usually happens in this trope because of the two people being on opposite sides of something because of which there’s a forbidden romance because the tension, the genuine devastation that is pretty much always there because they can’t choose what they want more – their family (usually) or the person they’re in love withand the longing to just be able to fix everything and be together kills me.

Yes, I like pain. Do with it what you will.

This is a Romeo and Juliette retelling so of course, there are rival gangs and their heirs are in love but they can’t be together, blah blah blah.

I just loved the angst and the history and the tension between Roma and Juliette. Time has passed since they were together and so many things have happened, yet Juliette holds a grudge over something that had occurred back then but now, she needs to put it behind and work with Roma to save their city from a threat that they can’t seem to find out much about.

I love the reluctant allies part in this book, and how they didn’t want to work together and yet, they did and so, they grew closer and truths were revealed and again, the sneaking around of the forbidden romance which was a big part of them being allies too since their families would definitely be against it.

You can find my review for it here.

This is one of the god tier forbidden romance books and I can not recommend it to you enough.

Ayla is a human who’s parents have been killed by the emperor and she wants to take revenge by killing his daughter, Crier who is a Made (read: robot) girl. So, Ayla ends a way into the palace and finds herself as Crier’s personal maidservant and in doing so, she has to spend time with her and get to know this girl who is so different from she expected and slowly, as she realises she cares for her and has to decide what matters more to her: revenge or love.

I loved the tension and all the feelings, especially on Crier’s side as she’s a Robot and are these feelings normal or is she defective and all about it was so so good.

I adore this trope because of the anticipation and all the theories I come up with in my head. the prophecies are always so vague and when done very well, so nicely explained later and make so much sense that it just make the book spectacular. I love when the author drops little hints for us to pick up and try to figure things out just as they do the big reveal and give us a second to process what and how what happened just happened and make my brain go ‘WOAH’.

I absolutely love when prophecies come out to be true in such twisted ways that you couldn’t have possibly imagined and how something in the prophecy was referring to something else you may not have considered at all and it just leaves me flabbergasted and in love with the book.

This is the perfect example for a book with an amazing prophecy that continued to follow us to the very end of the book and turned out to often be something I had not expected at all.

I loved how the story progressed on it’s own but also, the prophecy was always there in the background, coming back to me as things happened and as it was slowly revealed.

I think all the books in this series have prophecies but this one stood out the most to me because of how much anticipation and build up I felt in the book.

I absolutely adore this series and I highly recommend it to you all. It is one of the best fantasy books I have ever read.

This trope is the best of the best. The banter, the love and warmth, the feeling of belonging and having a home – I just want all of it. I especially love how the characters can all be so different and yet, they care for each other so deeply and are always there for them and how all of them have different relationships which all mean so much and it is just the most wholesome trope ever.

This trope just makes me so so happy (and so sad when someone in the group inevitably dies 😃) and it just makes my heart lurch out of my chest, because, oh no, the pain. I cannot.

This book is another god tier book and I absolutely adored it. All of the characters were amazing, the story was amazing and the writing was amazing, You should all go read it if you haven’t.

Now to talk about the found family: they’re a bunch of ragtag misfits who literally make no sense but are kind of held together by our cheery, literal sunshine MC, Yumeko. She can find goodness in anyone as she does in this group and as they undertake a hard journey together, they all bond and become a found family that will hold a special place in my heart together.

I love how all the characters have such different opinions of the other and all their interactions and just, this book and cast of characters is everything to me.

I love the found family in this book too, one because they’re queer and two because I love how they can all maintain great relationships and be there for each other in the way the other needs when they’re going through a rough time.

Grace has just gotten her Phd and the job she was looking at didn’t pan out. Plus, she got drunk married to a stranger in Vegas.

Things aren’t that good for her and with all the parental pressure, she just can not take it anymore so she goes to New York to see her wife and stay with her so they can get to know each other.

I loved how Grace’s struggle was shown in the book and how her friends and wife made things better by being there for her. I adored how they were all there for her despite the time and distance she put between them to figure it out for herself and how this felt like such a supportive and realistic friend group that I would want for me whenever I can get it.

So, those are some of my favourite tropes and some book recommendations to go along with them! What are some of your favourite tropes? Drop some book recommendations for them too!

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  1. People keep recommending From Lukov With Love to me for various reasons (probably also my slight obsession with figure skating in fiction), but seeing it on the slow burn trope list here makes me even more intrigued. Great post in general!!

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