30 books in 30 days challenge | Wrap Up

Hello! I don’t know why I decided to take on this daunting challenge to read 30 books in the month of June – I suppose I wanted to push myself? Either way, I was A LOT and as I write this on the 1st of July, I am exhausted and want a break from everything but I did it and I’m so proud of myself and I just wanted to share my journey with you all!


So, well, as it says, I read 30 books and if you want to know exactly what those 30 books were, you can check out my twitter thread about them, and if you want to know what I thought of them – I have it all in my IGTV videos! I’ll be talking more about them as a general concept here and analysing more of the stats and talking about the genres I read/how long they were/what format I read them in and how all that factored into my challenge.

However, I’ll talk a bit about my favourite books of the month so you can scroll down to see that!

Let’s start by looking at the genres I read! As always, there are a lot of fantasy and romance books, but a lot more romance that usual. Fantasy is usually my dominating genre but romance actually overtook it this time, which makes sense since I do read romances much faster!

I am actually a little surprised to see as much Fantasy and Science Fiction as there is since the world buying takes some time to understand, making the time taken up in reading a fantasy book much longer but again, this is me and I love fantasy so it’s probably better for mw to have read more of instead of trying to read other genres and get bored.

I also have a lot of other genres popping in – like Graphic Novels which I don’t usually read but it made sense to read them since they’re so much faster and I read two of them in a day making this challenge possible! I also read some poetry i.e. novels in verse because they’re faster and easier to get through as well!

Half of the books I read were in audiobook format, which, if you know me, makes a lot of sense. First of all, I can do a lot of other things while listening to the audiobook so I use them a lot, and secondly, it is a major source of access to books for me.

Books are very expensive here and I cannot afford to buy them and we don’t really have libraries so audiobooks really help me access more books I am interested in.

The ebooks are also very on point because I use scribd a lot for ebooks and all my ARCs are in that format too. Further, ebooks are cheaper and more affordable so I love them! And barely 13% of books were read as paperbacks!

The books I read are almost always those that are geared towards the YA age group being an 18 year old myself and we can clearly see that here! I also find that YA as a whole is easier to read since it doesn’t usually deal with heavier topics.

However, even 20% adult books feels like a lot to me but I have been shifting to reading more of those recently so it does make sense that they’d show up quite a bit here too!


So a lot of people have actually asked me this and I have a few tips after having completed this challenge, but again, remember, you don’t have to read so much! Reading is not a competition – I sometimes like to push myself but that is me and I am not gong to compare how much I read to others, it being too much or too less and so, you shouldn’t either!

Read Multiple Books At The Same Time

This is something I do normally too, but I did it much more during the challenge since I’d just easily shift books when I’d get bored or reading a certain book or genre and come back to it when I was in the mood for it. It helped me take off the stress of reading and finishing a book in a day and just made things interesting every time I switched books!

Find Someone To Keep You Accountable

So I did an accountability thread and some reading sprints with a friend of mine – Malka, whom I also kept telling about how it was going and just discussing it and have people ask me about it pushed me to want to tell them I won. All of my family members know to and they’re really invested and having them ask just made me feel motivated.

On the other hand, it could create a lot of pressure for someone else, so I just want to warn you about that!


I listen to audiobooks all the time – when I’m exercising, formatting my blog posts, taking pictures for bookstagram, doing chores, and so on. So with audiobooks, I used my time efficiently and did multiple things at once which allowed me to actually take out time to read so much since I had a lot of others thing to do too!


Okay, so a lot of people also asked me if I stayed at home all the time, or spend all day reading and the simple answer is NO. I couldn’t have done that. I love reading but for god’s sake, I cannot do it 24/7, it will kind of get boring then.

I actually went to live at my grandparent’s place for 2 and a half weeks. I met my friends about 3 times? I talked to a lot of my friends on social media like we usually do because we can’t meet because of the pandemic. In fact, I actually called up some people whom I hadn’t been able to catch up in a while and talked to them for 2 hours each. So no, I did not in fact become a social recluse.

If you follow me on Instagram, and twitter, you’ve probably seen me around a lot this past month and yeah, I didn’t just stop being on all my platform or take hiatuses to read. In fact, I published 10 blog posts on my blog which is a record for me, especially considering how I loved all of them!

So, I didn’t just shut myself off or just focused on reading and gave up my other hobbies. Yes, I focused more on reading and I deliberately took out time for reading, which is exactly what matters! You don’t have to stop doing everything else just to do this challenge – it’s just recognising the time that you are wasting somewhere else and could better spend reading and doing it!


I just want to say once again how proud of myself I am for being able to complete this challenge. It was hard and so many times I felt like I wouldn’t be able to do it, but I didn’t give it up and I actually ended up doing it, and it still feels a little surreal to think I actually did it.

It was very stressful and overwhelming at times and I just didn’t know why I was doing it anymore because really? who cared? but I actually got so many supportive comments on Instagram and I am so so grateful for each and every one of them because they mad eme realise that people might want to know and it just made me feel seen and happy.

So that’s it about my 30 books in 30 days challenge? Is there anything else you’d like to know? Have you ever done it? How’d it go? Would you ever try it if you haven’t? Let me know in the comments below!


23 thoughts on “30 books in 30 days challenge | Wrap Up

  1. YOU DID IT! I’m so proud of you for accomplishing this and you deserve all the rest from exhausting yourself. Don’t forget to eat all the good food. ❤️

    I don’t think I could ever do it honestly – maybe back in high school, but I’ve definitely gotten close a few times!

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