4 Things That Changed Because of Being A Book Blogger

Hey! I’ve been blogging for almost 3 years now, and while I may have changed my brand and my website, I’ve been here for quite some time now and I just wanted to take a look at how I’ve changed so much since I joined.

I’ve obviously gotten older – I was a naive 15 year old when I started off and now I’ll be turning 19 in September. You learn a lot in your teens, and being here, surrounded by all these great people certainly taught me a lot more I’ll always be grateful for.

I never really put much thought into what books I was reading, what people were being represented in it and how it changed my thought processes before I began blogging. I’d just focus on the main story and continue reading if I liked it, stopping if I didn’t. I have to say, I ended up reading a lot of problematic books which had so many micro aggressions that negatively impact you and only realised it after having been here for about a year.

I am so glad that I’ve grown and come to realise how important it is to read a diverse range of books by authors from different cultures and learn about them. It’s always so eye opening to learn of the different perspectives in various cultures and their beliefs, and I am grateful for everything they’ve taught me.

I think this sort of came along with the intentional reading – I started to pay more attention to what I was reading and how that impacted me which made me more critical when viewing the books I read. I am still swept away by the amazing stories, but I can also focus on the smaller aspects and the unconscious effects they can have on us. I can take a step back and analyse the book as a whole instead of just the story because I feel that the themes the books present are very powerful and they are the things that have a lasting effect on us.

I also pay more attention to the relationships between the characters. I often find comfort in these relationships and bonds and I find that the way these are presented and the ida of romantic and platonic relationships sips they put in our minds are very important and I like to analyse them and all the good and bad parts.

I was such a technology noob before I started blogging – I look back at some of my earlier posts and cringe at seeing how they were formatted and how badly the graphics were made. I also didn’t know how to promote my posts or how to choose topics that the readers would like to read about and enjoy, but now, I am growing and I can make decent graphics and I like the posts I write. I also learnt how to make videos and click nice pictures as I expanded to include other platforms. such as bookstagram and I am so glad for everything I’ve learnt.

I also learnt so much about time management – I had to always balance my blog with school and other obligations and I wasn’t always so good at mangling everything. I actually abandoned my blog for about 4 months after making it because of all the pressure form school but as I started again and rediscovered my love for it in January of 2019, I slowly but surely learnt how to balance it and while I do take breaks now too – because they’re very important! – they’re ones I have decided on and not ones I’ve been forced into and I think that that’s a really important skill too – to know when you need to take a step back.

I never thought I’d be confident enough to share my thoughts on a platform like this for everyone to see, and especially not show my face and make videos and be so open about who I am.

I really hid behind the screen when I had started off, not letting my personality shine through but over the years, I’ve made so many great friends here who encourages me to come out of my shell and allow me to fully be myself on here and share all parts of me.

I no longer try to hide my views and try to be what I think everyone would like, choosing to instead be who I truly am and that has really permeated into all parts of my life, allowing me to grow and be me instead of hiding and cowering, wondering what people would think of me.

I am so grateful to everyone who’s been on this journey with me, and I love you all so much. This blog is a major part of who I am today and how I got to be this person and I am so glad you all wandered onto my blog and stuck around.

What are some things that blogging has taught you? Let me know in the comments below!

33 thoughts on “4 Things That Changed Because of Being A Book Blogger

  1. Ah I adore this list and I definitely feel the same way with reading intentionally. Book bloggers really helped guide me and nudge me towards being more intentional with the books I was reading, giving my energy and time too. As well as just the books I talk about online and offline I suppose. Blogging has taught me a lot, I think one of the big things it’s taught me that it’s ok to change and evolve. Not just as a person but also the blog can grow too and evolve. I started as a teen too and I’m sure it’s not just limited to teens but there’s this need to cling to labels/various qualities and if you cling too hard. You can often lose yourself to thinking that’s your entire person. Blogging really told me you have to let go in order to grow and when you do, the people around you will cheer you on and be here for you as you explore.

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    1. Yes! I completely agree. The book community itself has changed me so much and even otherwise, it’s been something I can rely on to support me as I continue to change and grow into the person I am meant to be.
      And yes, it’s so true about changing your blog too. My blog is so different from when I began and it really shows how I have changed and I am glad I get to express it through my blog.

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  2. I’ve only started blogging for a month and I learned so many things already. The book community has always been the best. I hope to be a blogger like you! (and learn the things you wrote, hopefully). Lots of love ❤

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  3. I completely agree with you. When I wasn’t a book blogger, I just categorised books into ones I liked and ones I didn’t. But books are so much more.
    This is an amazing post that every book blogger can relate to! Great post, Jayati. ☺️

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  4. I love this list!! Haha yes, I too learned a lot about graphic designing after I started blogging. And I’ve started to read more diverse books once I started blogging – how can you not with all the good recommendations out there?

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  5. Your graphics are so neat and I love the look of your blog!! I wish I could make mine look half as good as yours, honestly!
    Blogging makes us more critical towards what we are reading, don’t you think? I have been blogging for more than 4 years (although I closed down my previous blog), and I think I have gained a lot of analytical skills and learnt how to put my thoughts into words. Great post!

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    1. Thank you so much! I love you blog too!
      Omg yes I was wondering why you were no longer showing up on my feed and I can’t wait to see everything you do with your new blog!

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  6. OMG 15 ME TOO 🥺 (and we’re birthday buddies that’s even more awesome). Ahhhhhh I can’t believe you’ve been blogging that long. Yesterday you were smol. 😭

    I agree with a lot of these especially with new skills! I know I’ve definitely grown in writing and graphics over the years but while it’s embarrassing it’s sometimes nice to look back too. I’m proud of all the growth you’ve done and can’t wait to see more in the future. ♥️

    Blogging has definitely made me more critical with my reading – I’m more picky because I have to think about it more and whether I actually liked it or didn’t (and why).

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    1. OMG wow, and you’re turning what, 24 this year? That is absolutely crazy!
      I can’t believe it either – time has just flown by so fast!

      Haha yeah I cringe whenever I look at old posts of mine. Thank you ❤


  7. Hi Jayati, this post is amazing – I enjoy how you write so simple yet convincingly. Besides, could you please share how you come up with blog themes every now and then?

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