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5 books with Lesbian Rep I loved || #LesbianVisibilityDay

Hello everyone! Happy Lesbian Visibility Day! Today I’m going to be talking about some books with Lesbian representation that I read and adored! Most of these explicit use the word ‘lesbian’ but it is implied in some of them, however I have tried to make sure that most of them do use the word.

I hate how many people shy away from using the word ‘lesbian’ and I absolutely love it when it is used positively! I really wish it helps remove the stigma around the word as more and more people use it and so I am boosting these great books today that I hope you’ll all enjoy!

The Henna Wars by Adiba Jaigirdar

This stunning debut brings to us amazing sisterly bonds, an enemies or lovers romances and diverse representation, while also tackling heavier topics such as cultural appropriation, racism and homophobia.

This book was so sweet, but at the same time it was also hard to read due to the heavier topics that aren’t very discussed in YA! I would really encourage you all to read this book.

Representation: Bangladeshi-Irish & Lesbian Muslim MC + Brazilian-Irish & Bisexual MC.

Trigger Warnings: challenged racism, homophobia, bullying, cultural appropriation, and character being outed.

Honey Girl by Morgan Rogers

This book had everything I ever wanted – a sapphic couple, a queer found family, accidental marriage and mental health rep. The characters are messy and unsure, like many people in their 20s and I love that this book exists so people understand it is okay to still be finding yourself, to still be coming into who you are in your 20s. The writing was also so beautiful and I couldn’t help but lose myself in it.

Representation: Biracial (one Black and one white parent) lesbian woman protagonist, Asian American lesbian woman love interest, Afro-Caribbean queer woman side character, three South Asian side characters, multiple side queer characters

Content Warnings: racism, homophobia, depression, suicidal ideation, mention of bipolar disorder episodes

Crier’s War by Nina Varela

Crier’s War is a great take on robot fantasy that follows a human girl, Ayla on her quest for revenge and a Made girl, Crier whose curiosity about humanity brings these two together in an unexpected forbidden dislike to lovers romance. The writing is beautiful and the world building is fabulous! There is a thrilling tension which underlies the romance and makes in more intriguing and the slow progression of it as they question what it means to love someone makes it a wonderful story I think everyone needs to read!

Representation: POC lesbian MC, POC bisexual MC

Content Warnings: 
death/murder (of close ones), violence, depictions of blood, use of drug-like substance

Cinderella is Dead by Kalynn Bayron

This book was a feminist and empowering retelling of a very well-known fairytale, which makes you question the very basis on which the patriarchy has been built. In a world that is very cruel to women, especially when they do not fit the mood assigned to them, Sophie refuses to bow down. This story is powerful and I loved reading it! There was also a cute f/f romance which I adored.

Content Warning: sexism, patriarchy, physical abuse, domestic abuse, homophobia, misogyny, racism, death

Representation: Black main character, f/f relationship, LGBTQIAP+ (gay and lesbian characters)

The Falling in Love Montage by Ciara Smyth

This is a coming of age lesbian romcom which follows Saoirse and Ruby as they recreate cliche dates inspired by falling in love montages of Ruby’s favourite movies. It was mostly light-hearted and feel good but it also dealt with some heavier topics of Saoirse’s mother’s early onset dementia and how Saoirse learns to deal with it and accept it.

Conent Warning: assisted suicide, early onset dementia

So these were some underrated books I really enjoyed and I hope you do if you pick them up! Have you read any of them? If yes, what did you think? What are some of your underrated books? I’d love to read them! 

24 thoughts on “5 books with Lesbian Rep I loved || #LesbianVisibilityDay

  1. Both Henna War and Cindrella are on TBR. And I absolutely agree that the stigma around the word is true and should be changed.

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