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Tropes I Dislike and Why I Dislike Them

Hey everyone! I had been talking about the tropes I loved and some books with those tropes a while back so I thought I’d talk about some tropes I dislike and tend to avoid as well, giving reasons as to why I tend to do that.

I just think this is very outlandish. Can anyone fall in love at the first sight? There can be an attraction, sure, but love is more about the quirks specific to the person. It’s about knowing the ins and outs of the person. It’s about understanding them to a core level which you definitely can not in the first meeting, or in the first few days of knowing them.

I just get irritated with the characters when they make such big proclamations very early in the book. I need some time to be able to picture them together and like that idea before they actually fall in love so that while they do that, I can also fall in love with them, if that makes any sense?

This is a trope a lot of people seem to dislike, and I have to say it’s not that this is a bad trope, I just think it’s one that is rarely done well which has made me attach some quite negative feelings to it that are hard to let go of. I feel that usually either or both of the relationships is not well explored and sometimes one of the characters is deliberately demonised to make the choice easier for the person facing it. Life is usually more complicated and we are all in a grey area and choices such as this are not about a person’s worst traits but about one’s love for them which isn’t expressed very well all the time. The love triangle is also very romanticised, which isn’t true because the person who’s stuck in the middle is also usually experiencing a lot of emotional stress and is just generally unhappy because they’re going to hurt a person no matter they choose.

I also think love triangles that involve two boys and one girl end up with them both getting possessive over her and I hate that. When it’s two girls and a boy, it leads to the girls calling each other names and putting each other down and I hate that even more. The only love triangles I enjoy are queer ones, such as the one in Perfect on Paper which is to date the only love triangle I have ever loved. If you have any recommendations for books with this trope done well, do drop them in the comments!

This is another things I absolutely hate! I love flaws, seeing how the characters make mistakes and how they recover, because this is what makes them human and relatable and is exactly why I love them. When a character seems to be perfect, I just find them to be a standard of perfection that doesn’t exist and they frustrate me with their ‘always correct’ choices and inability to do any wrong.

It makes me question them and their decisions and their actions even more, and usually there’s something they do that isn’t completely right, or just straight up wrong and the author doesn’t address it which frustrates and angers me even more and I just want to take a dagger and stab them in the face multiple times.

I’ve read way too many books with this trope for my liking and if I’m being honest, the ‘chosen one’ is never all that great and is always desperate to escape their situation. I, personally, don’t enjoy plot driven books much and this falls squarely in that category which may be a reason I don’t enjoy it. I just think that everyone makes their one choices which lead them to different decisions and having a foretold fortune is quite absurd in the context.

There’s also no reasoning as to why the person was specifically chosen? Sometimes, it’s by virtue of their birth which annoys me even more because oh my god, that’s something inherent about them and they haven’t done anything to deserve the title and pressure forced onto them.

I’m sorry, I know a lot of you are going to hate me for this but I absolutely detest this. I don’t care if the character was my favourite or if they were one I didn’t care much for. Unless there’s a very specific reason the character needs to be revived and it’s been already mentioned, if not explicitly but at least implied, that there’s a way to revive them, then I can be okay with it but when someone dies but oh no, they’re the hero and cannot stay dead so we include a random character or random object which revival powers that can be used one and they’ll be back and yay, everything is good again, then NO.

I know it sucks when your favourite characters die and it hurts a lot but I’d rather hey stay dead and I’ll deal with the pain but I cannot deal with an unnecessary plot line that makes no sense and is not needed.

Have you read this book yet? Did you like it? Are you planning to read it in the future? Tell me in the comments below! 

– Jayati

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22 thoughts on “Tropes I Dislike and Why I Dislike Them

  1. I second insta love and love triangles (or love corners) so hard!!! I just never relate to or believe in insta love and it takes a lot for a book to make me look past it and enjoy the story. Same thing for love triangles, they almost always feel like a forced way to add some tension 😂

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  2. Omg I agree with all of these! But a good love triangle is the one in The Dark Artifices between Kieran, Mark, and Cristina. It is one girl and two guys but it does not end with them being possessive and I think you would enjoy how it turns out if you haven’t read it already 👀 awesome post!

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  3. Ah! Although there’s not many tropes I can say I truly dislike — the seemingly perfect character is one of mine too! I don’t recall any of thoses that I would’ve read.. but generally speaking, I always fall for the characters that are broken or reviewers qualifies as « unlikeable ».

    My favorite game franchise IS all about the chosen one (with knight in shining armor) so eh.. 😅
    I also definately see where you’re going with the love triangles. I’ve wanted an anime recently where it was basically an octogone-love at that point!! It was a group of six people and except one, everyone had a thing for atleast one another, it was everywhere xd I did cried at the ending though, it was beautiful.

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    1. Yes! Same! I always find myself rooting for redemption arcs and just the morally grey characters trying to do the right thing the best they can and I love them so much!

      ohh that sounds interesting, what anime is that?

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  4. I totally agree with you on the insta-love trope! I’ve only been able to overlook it once or twice so it basically always bothers me. The worst part is when the MCs start talking about each other like they met a long time ago instead of just a few week. It’s like, if you have insta-love, at least acknowledge it, maybe make the characters say something like “oh, I know we met not long ago, but I love you, blah, blah, blah” – it’s still bad, but definitely not worse than making the characters talk like they know everything about one another when they basically just met. Ok, sorry for that little rant….

    Love triangles don’t usually bother me, but the only one I think was done extremely well is the one everyone always talks about – between Tessa, Jem and Will in The Infernal Devices trilogy. I believe it’s due to the fact that Will and Jem have a very strong and beautiful friendship and both of them are important to the story and well-developed, in my opinion.

    Anyways, great post, I really liked reading your thoughts 🙂

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  5. I agree with most of these but Chosen One I’m still okay with if it’s done right (like Harry Potter and Avatar the last airbender). Love Triangles are so predictable and corny now lol like we know who the MC is going to end up with! I’ve never heard of seemingly perfect characters trope.

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  6. yes i agree with all of these! revival of characters especially is a no for me. i don’t know if you want to kill off a character i’d rather the author just commit, ya know. also totally agree with the love triangle in perfect on paper was one of the only good ones i’ve read! the amount of pettiness that often happens (not to mention the poorly written ones) are just not my cup of tea. lovely post!

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    1. OMG YES! Why?? I already grieved them, it’s over now, please don’t bring them back.
      ah yes, I can’t deal with all the drama of the love triangles


  7. It’s interesting because I don’t enjoy insta-love either because I like to see the feelings and yearning grow, but it can be executed well. Like… when I was 15 my first serious boyfriend said “I find myself loving you” legitimately five days into our three year relationship, and I genuinely thought the feelings I had were love as well! Hormones are so weird and it’s easy to forget how an infatuation of first love feels like love at first sight – so I try to give the characters a pass haha…. but very rarely is it explored in a compelling way.

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  8. Instalove omg! I hate that so much, it genuinely makes me want to just put a book down and never pick it up again. It annoys me so much and I can’t think of a single instance where it is good!

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  9. OMG, I seemingly agree with your opinion! Great blog! I, too, dislike perfect characters because they become stale and dry throughout the novel. Maybe you can check out my blog as well! Thank you, lots of love ❤

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  10. I agree with everything you said. I hate love triangles and insta love too. I don’t think it’s right to even call it love. Its just infatuation and love triangles just make me tired. I get why some people like them but it’s too much angst and drama for a peace loving person like me. 😅

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