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Hello! If you’ve seen my Guide to Audiobooks post from a week or two back, you were probably expecting this post! I have so many audiobooks I love and it was so hard to just think of a few to recommend to you all to start off, but I have tried my best to do so!

All these audiobooks were such amazing experiences for me and I hope that if you listen to them, they are that for you too and that you get interested in reading more audiobooks so that if I post a part 2, it’s not just me screeching into the void about my obsession but also has people on the other side who actually wanna listen! I have also tried to include a variety of genres for everyone’s benefit so people have at least one genre that they’d like to try out.

We Set The Dark On Fire

Genre: Fantasy
Audience: Young Adult

I usually will not recommend that you listen to any Fantasy books as audiobooks unless it’s a reread since there are so many details to pay attention to and it can be hard to do so when listening to an audiobook but I have to say that this duopoly qualifies as an exception. The narrator has a beautiful voice and while there are definitely a lot of details, they’re not so many that it becomes hard to understand. Also, this book is sapphic in case that gets you interested because it surely did for me!

The Song of Achilles

Genre: Historical Fiction
Audience: Adult

This book literally gave me chills. Most people have read this book and loved it, and if you’re one of the only people left that haven’t read it yet, you’ve surely heard about how great it is. I’m here to tell you that is definitely is great, and even more so in audiobook form because the words being spoken aloud somehow hit much harder and make you feel more and oh god, this book broke my heart.

Before the Coffee gets Cold

Genre: Fantasy (Magical Realism)
Audience: Adult

This phenomenal audiobook takes you to a small coffee shop and tells you four stories which express different and yet such similar emotions. It shows the importance that various relationships in life have and reading it was a pleasure. I found that it took me a minute to get used to the narrator’s accent but I am glad I stuck through because this was a great book!

Felix Ever After

Genre: Contemporary Romance
Audience: Young Adult

This audiobook was absolutely phenomenal! I’ve seen this recommending many times and while I am trying to give recommendations that aren’t usually given, I had to include this one. Felix’s story is important and the audiobook is also great and usually far more accessible, so you should read it/listen to it!

The Poet X

Genre: Poetry (Contemporary)
Audience: Young Adult

I will always say that books in verse are better as audiobooks and this one is no exception. Xiomara’s story is a powerful one and listening to it was a pleasure. This book is recommended all the time, especially in the audiobook format and I have to say, it’s a great one! The narrator somehow conveys so much emotion through her voice and you feel like you’re right there with her. I will not be the first or last one to recommend the audiobook for The Poet X so go, do yourself a favour and read this.

Burn Our Bodies Down

Genre: Horror
Audience: Young Adult

I’m not a person who reads a lot of horror/mystery novels so it’s a surprise I listened to this one but it was quite enjoyable! It was a little frightening and my breath did catch in my throat a time or two and I think that is what made me enjoy this audiobook. I easily get distracted from horror books when reading them so this format worked well for me and maybe, I’ll pick up more horrors and thrillers this way?

So those are some audiobooks I highly recommend! Do you like audiobooks? Do you want to get into reading them (check my guide)? What are some audiobooks you’d recommend I listen to? Would you like more audiobook recommendations? Let me know in the comments below!


10 thoughts on “Audiobook Recommendations

  1. Ooh thanks for all these wonderful recommendations! I also loved the audiobooks of The Song of Achilles and The Poet X, and I’ll definitely check out the audiobook of Felix Ever After when I want to reread it. Listening to a horror book sounds like such an interesting experience—maybe I’ll give Burn Our Bodies Down a shot on audio as well 😀

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  2. Aah- I was already interested by “before the coffee get cold”, but I might try it on audio instead!

    I haven’t read much audiobooks.. but I ended up liking the two that I did pick! Geekerella & Again, but better.

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