A Guide to Audiobooks

Hello! Audiobooks have been quite a big change in my reading style and when I started, I didn’t now what books to read or where to get some good audiobooks, so I thought I’d make a post for any other new audiobook listeners out there who may find it useful to hear from someone who has now listened to about 30 (or more) audiobooks and is completely addicted to them.



There are a lot of websites/apps now providing audiobooks and I have to say that I am not very experienced with all of them since I primarily use 2 apps and have tried one more.

  1. Storytel
    This one is my favourite since not only is it quite cheap but also has an expansive library which I have been having a lot of fun devouring!
  2. Scribd
    Now this is only a lot of people like, but a lot of titles on it are not available internationally and it has a weird algorithm which is supposed to restrict the books available to you he more you reading a month? I am not sure but either way it’s one that I use but don’t love a lot. What I do like is their e-book collection which sort of makes up for the restrictions according to me.
  3. Audible
    I used the three month free version of it and that was good but also, I found it restrictive as I got only one credit a month and I wanted to read more books, and also I don’t really want to pay Amazon.
    This is one I haven’t used but have seen a lot around the place so you could check it out if you want!

These may include affiliate links by which I receive a commission on your subscription to no additional charge to you.



Before you buy a book, be sure to sample it to make sure you like the narrator and are able to focus on it! Sometimes the stories are interesting and you’re absolutely sure you want it but somehow, he particular narrator doesn’t work for you and that would definitely ruin the experience so make sure to check the sample before taking out your money and being forced into a book in a format that isn’t very enjoyable.

2. Start with smaller books

This is another really important thing according to me! You probably won’t really get into audiobooks if you start with an 18 hour saga but if it’s just a quick 3 hour read? Moe likely you’ll finish it and enjoy it! You can slowly build up your ability to listen to audiobooks and even get to the point where you listen to 18 hour sagas.

3. Choose an easy genre to get started

Okay so you’re choosing a small book, but another thing to remember is the genre of the book! Choose a genre that you enjoy and that is easy to keep track in such that you don’t lose track or get too confused. I would suggest starting with contemporary romances if you enjoy them since they’re easy to get into for the most part and also easy to keep track of.

If you choose to start with a fantasy or thriller, I think you’d have to pay a lot of attention because the little details matter and when you’re starting with audiobooks, it can be easy to get carried away listening t the voice of the narrator and missing these teeny details which can sometimes make or break the book!

4. Maybe start with a reread?

Now this is something I would suggest to people who want to listen to a genre that is harder to keep track of, or are in general unable to keep up with audiobooks or get into them but really do want to do so! Rereading a favourite is sure to keep you interested provided the narrator is one that suits you and you’d already know the story so getting a little lost won’t be much of a problem!

5. Choose the correct speed to listen to!

Last but not the least, the speed is very important! I, for one, like 1.5 or 1.75 times since I like to listen to the book faster so as to not loose my concentration in some other task. Some people listen to it even faster at 2x or 3x. On the other hand, I know a lot of people will find this way too fast and would prefer 1 or 1.25. Some might want it even slower at 0.75!

So, basically, what I am saying is you need to find your rhythm by trying out the speeds and seeing what fits you the best! It might be different for different books and narrators so keep switching it and make sure it’s okay since you may not realise it at first but the reading speed is very important!


So now that you’ve chosen a book, a narrator and reading speed, you’re listening to the audio book but a little restless? No worries, I’ve got you covered!

1.With the physical book!

Especially when you’re starting out, I’d suggest listening to the audiobook along with the physical books! You could also do this when listening to a genre like Fantasy so as to not miss any details. P<lus, it helps you keep focused and stops your mind from wandering and losing track since both your eyes and ears are engaged in the book. Sometimes these double senses make the book even more enjoyable!


Just listening to the audiobook itself can often lead to you getting distracted by other things, so I’d suggest multitasking by doing some other meaningless or easy task while listening to audiobooks. Personally, I end up taking a walk or cleaning my room or setting up my bullet journal when I am listening to the audiobook. I also often times play Stardew Valley while listening to the audiobook which has been a lot of fun!

I don’t really have any transit tome at the moment, but I suppose that would be a perfect time to listen to an audiobook! So, you just need to find some other things to do along with listening to the audiobook to not loose track and hey, you’re doing more at the same time so 🙂

Do you listen to audiobooks? When did you start? What are some of your favourites? Let me know in the comments below! I’ll soon have a list of my favourite audiobooks up to get you all started so stay tuned for it and hope you enjoy audiobooks!


18 thoughts on “A Guide to Audiobooks

  1. Great post! I started audiobooks because my travel had suddenly shifted from bus to mostly walking and hence I couldn’t normally read. I’m totally obsessed with audiobooks now.


  2. Great post Jayati !!!! All the tips you’ve given are exactly the ones I followed to get into audiobooks, so this is just perfect and I hope it’ll encourage many others to pick them up too 😊😊😊


  3. Yes I do listen to audiobooks and it was my go-to mode of reading during traveling to work or elsewhere since I get motion sickness if I read on a moving vehicle.

    I prefer listening to romance or non fiction or biographies on audiobooks 🙂


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