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How My Reading Style Has Changed

Hello everyone! I have been meaning to write this post for a while now since I noticed I was reading a lot more and it felt easier to read somehow instead of it being sort of a hard to finish 6 books a month no matter what, pushing myself to the limits and often ending up in reading slumps that were impossible to get out of.

Not much has changed per se, except me listening to audiobooks, and yet it feels like there is a world of a difference between my reading style now and at this time last year.


Rediscovering audiobooks and developing a love for them which is much deeper than it had ever been before was definitely a game changer. It has allowed me to read a lot more books than I was usually able to since now, I can easily read books when I am commuting or eating or just doing any chores.

I can also listen to them when working on mathematics problems and making my bullet journal spreads, so really, my time is getting maximised and allowing me to get a lot more reading done.

And, just having a narrator to follow makes it a much faster process since listening to a good narrator can be an almost hypnotic experience for me which makes it harder to put the book down.


E-books were not my thing, they still are not. I mostly just use my Kindle for ARCs but it had still changed my reading a lot when I do use it because it becomes so much easier to take it with me and read whenever I want, especially in the dark. It also allows me to be in lie down and just settle into various more positions than what a physical books would and it makes it more comfy.

Huh, maybe I should use my Kindle more. Anyway, it allowed me to start getting Arcs. While I do know you can still get them on your Kindle app on the phone or something, I don’t find that particularly comfortable so having an actual Kindle made things easier.

Buddy Reads

You will not believe how much this has helped me in reading more. Having a sort of structure and timeline on which I read particular books forces me to actually get into them and having someone to talk to about them makes it even better as I can scream or rant about the things happening with someone else and have them actually respond, instead of me just telling it all to my mom in one breath and her replying with a distracted nod as she continues doing whatever she was doing.

It also lets me read multiple books at once and keep switching between them so my ability to read in one day becomes more as there are more stories going on in head. Not focusing on just one might not seem like such a good idea, but it is for me since it becomes too much of just one story for me and I need time to process everything.

Healthy Challenges

This is quite an untested area for me even now since while it allows me to read more and makes it fun, I barely ever actually finish the challenges. But, the challenges I choose are also almost always a bit too much for me so I never expect to actually finish them either.

Just having a challenge, either specific prompts or generalised ones, both help since it becomes easier to choose a book to read (not calling out myself, who takes like 2 days deciding what to read next and actually ends up reading a random book without realising I technically chose it during those days) .

Anyway, as I said, structure helps me in reading more as it convinces me I am on a sort of path and while the Goodreads challenge can motivate me when I’m running behind, I like to do some small challenges in the middle when I am ahead to keep things interesting. It also just becomes something fun for me to do related to reading when I want to take a break from it.

Taking Breaks

Till now I’ve told you how I ended up changing my reading habits, but what I didn’t mention was that not reading was also actually a part of my reading habits.


Well, I was too until I realised the you can have a reading burn out too and that may result in a slump. But, taking regular breaks when you’re a little exhausted or just dropping books you can’t seem together into even if you do want to read them (which you can still do later!) helps a lot!

Not reading for just a day or two helps me feel like reading again and also gives me time to process whatever I had read in the past few weeks. I know it seems like some people are always reading and you want to be like them too, but it’s more important that you enjoy reading and taking breaks has helped me do that. When I don’t pick up a book for a few days, I instantly start missing reading and am happier to get back into it.

That’s how my reading habits have changed over the years! What about you? Let me know in the comments below!

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15 thoughts on “How My Reading Style Has Changed

  1. This is such an interesting post! I didn’t realize how my own reading habits had changed! I love what you said about taking breaks and healthy challenges! There’s sometimes a pressure to read more and it’s important to set realistic and healthy goals 🥰 I love audiobooks because they allow me to get out of reading slumps and also ebooks because they’re easier to pick up! 💕

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    1. Thanks! ah yes, the book community seems to be reading an unrealistic amount and seeing it really makes you want to achieve those goals too, when they might not be feasible for you.
      OMG yes, starting to read in these mediums really changed reading for me


  2. My reading habits have changed too! And I had a MAJOR burn out a month or so ago and not reading does help and I ended up not having read for a good week. It wasn’t even funny. But rereading old favourites usually helps me a LOT! I love your post! ❤️❤️ have a wonderful and safe month love!

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  3. One of the best things about becoming a book blogger for me is buddy reading. There are so many books that I needed that extra push to start and many that I enjoyed more because I had someone to talk to about it. I need to work on taking reading breaks. I’m good with the blogging breaks, but find it much harder to not feel so obligated to always have a book in hand. Really enjoyed reading about how your reading style has changed!

    Liked by 2 people

    1. OMG yes, and it also makes the whole thing more enjoyable! We should do a buddy read sometime 🙂
      Ah yes,I get the need to always be reading but the breaks don’t have to be long? Even a day can be really good sometimes!

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  4. this is such an interesting discussion, jayati!! the more i think about it, the more i realise how much my own have changed over the years!! i’ve definitely started reading more ebooks, but i just haven’t been able to get into audiobooks!! i always get distracted and miss out on the story!! i loved reading this post!! 💖💖

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    1. exactly! I realised so much about my reading habits just while writing this post! Sometimes I am not able to get into a particular audiobook either, and often it’s because the particular narrator is not someone who can engross me so maybe you can try out some other books if you’re interested in getting into audiobooks?

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  5. Great Post!!! I started listening to Audiobooks fairly recently and I completely agree with your point… they changed my reading life a lot also. I am kind of obsessed with them now, whenever I have anything repetitive on like copying assignment for college or exercising I always have them on. They are so good!!!

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  6. Great Post!!! I started listening to Audiobooks fairly recently and I completely agree with your point… it changed my reading life a lot also. I am kind of obsessed with them now, whenever I have anything repetitive on like copying assignment for college or exercising I always have them on. They are so good!!!


  7. I love ebooks and I almost always read them these days, but I can’t get the audiobooks at all. I can’t concentrate on the book nor the other thing I should be doing. Sigh. But I am glad it works for me.


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