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5 Characters I’d Want To Go On A Picnic With

Hello! I started this series a while back and completely forgot about it, oops, until I came across the notes page where I’d write the other ideas I had for it. So, I am here to revive it by discussing the characters I’d like to go on a picnic with!

Again, it’s time to set the background and get into the mod of going on a picnic~

A light summer breeze makes the harsh sun seem cooler on your skin as you lay on the blanket in the park, under a shady tree. Flowers of various colours surround you and you leisurely look at them while eating the various treats you’d packed for the picnic. You pick up your favourite, chocolate chip muffin, as you thank your friend for having baked it for you. Around you, there is light laughter and joyful smiles. You smile too as you enjoy the warm sun with some of your dear friends.


Marshall from These Violent Delights

Marshall is usually fun and easy going. He’d be a delight to have along with you as he cracked some jokes and generally talked about everything and nothing. He could always entertain you and make the picnic lively and fun to attend!

Leo Valdez from Heroes of Olympus

We all know Leo is one of the funniest guys to ever exist, and that is a high compliment. He’d probably play a dozen pranks on you all as you try to enjoy the picnic and liven up the scene by doing various tricks that never fail to amuse everyone.

Laila from The Gilded Wolves Series

Laila’s the mom figure, but she also knows how to have a good time. She’d take care of all the picnic arrangements, probably baking all fo your’s favourite goods herself and ensure that everyone was having a good time! She’s easy to get along with and would make the picnic relaxed and enjoyable!

Nina from Six of Crows

Nina’d probably be the one consuming all of Laila’s food. She’d also end up helping feed everyone else by telling them she wasn’t going to share her food and they could go get sone of their own. She’ also a really fun person to be around and would make the picnic delightful!

Hana from the Illuminae Files

Hana is usually quite reserved but she also has such an intriguing aura that I couldn’t help but invite her. It’d take some time for her to relax but once she does and gets into the flow of things, she’d make the picnic one of the best you’ve ever been to!

What characters would you want with you to go to a picnic? Do you agree with my choices? Let me know in the comments below! 

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10 thoughts on “5 Characters I’d Want To Go On A Picnic With

  1. I’ve only read These Violent Delights and Six of Crows from this list but both Marshall and Nina would both be so perfect on a picnic, so fun and easy going. I think they would get on really well too !! I haven’t read the other books but I really want to. I love your picks. 💕


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