2021 Bullet Journal

Hello and welcome back! Today I am sharing with you all my 2021 bullet journal which is quite minimalist but also a little beautified in a style that I really like! I started this year with a new journal and am hoping to continuously journal throughout the year no matter what happens. I am rarely able to remember my to-do lists unless I write them down and often end up procrastinating, so, I hope my journal will help me not do so πŸ™‚

First off we have my 2021 cover page which is one of the most minimalistic ones I have ever seen! I just took a pretty paper and wrote 2021 on it with a silver pen so, how much simpler can it even get from here? Anyway, I still like it since it’s pretty but was also quite effortless and I hope to keep this theme throughout since it’s easy to manage and will probably allow me to continue using my BuJo instead of abandoning because of the expansive details I used to put in.

Next, we have the year overview which is quite simple and self-explanatory. I don’t know how much I will actually use it since this is a page I have not made before but I can probably put in major events here, even if after they occur. I could also probably put in birthdays here.

Moving on, I have the Books Read page which is also self-explanatory. Next to it I have a key based on which I will colour in the titles of the book. This will simply help me look at the range of genres I am reading as well even if it won’t actually give me the exact number. It’ll also probably look really pretty!

I also wanted to do more yearly pages so I settled on doing one playlist of the year. It will have 14 songs I loved throughout the year which I’ll probably use Spotify wrapped to fill in towards the end of the year! I am really excited to see this speed once it’s done and reminisce about songs I enjoyed πŸ™‚

Lastly, I have a ‘Recommended’ page to help me remember things people have told me to watch/read.listen to throughout the year. I rarely end up reading.watching/listening to things other people recommend me since I have a lot of things I myself want to take a look at! Hopefully, this spread will help me keep other people’s recs in mind too.

You can see a flipthrough reel of my 2021 Bullet journal on my Bookstagram!

January Bullet Journal

I was thinking of putting up a whole different post for it but I have very few spreads for January this time since I took forever on making my 2021 spreads which I incidentally starting doing only after Christmas and so had barely any time oops.

Here’s my January cover page! I messed it up a bit but I think it looks okay? I really liked the camera and I thought it would set a good mood for the rest of the year! I love clicking pictures and so I thought a camera would be fΓͺting too! While I may not be going anywhere because of Covid, I can surely try to dress up and click more pictures at home. Plus, I love the way my handwriting turned out for January!

Next is a simple Calendar spread wherein I can put in major tasks, assignments due dates, test dates, events, birthdays, etc.

Lastly I have a goals spread which I still haven’t filled in! I am not at all sure what I should be aiming for since I want to be easier on myself but also want to push myself as far as I can.I may try and fill it in 10 days into the month so I know how motivated I have been and what all I could probably achieve.

After that I begin my task spreads which are sort of like weekly spreads except I am not doing weekly spreads this month since I end up trying to make them pretty and fail to make it for the last two weeks of the month. This way, it;ll just be 5 minutes to set it up and I can get on with doing things!

You can see a flip through of my January spreads as a reel on my bookstagram:

That’s all for today! Do you bullet journal? When did you start? What are some of your favourite spreads? Let me know in the comments below!

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