2021 Reading Challenges

Hello! This is going to be the year of challenges for me as I feel quite daring right now and while I might regret this later, I can’t seem to care much about the future at the moment. I’ll try not to be too hard on myself with completing these challenges though and let it be if even I’m only only able to do half of them! It can’t hurt to try, right?

Goodreads Reading Challenge : 75 books

The most basic of all reading challenges! I am going to set myself a higher goal this year than I would usually – which is almost always at 50 books a year by jumping up to 75! It may seem like a reach but seeing as I reached 65 books this year and was almost unable to read anything in either January, February or December, I think this goal should be pretty achievable until and unless I get into a reading slump.

Also, I have quite a few other challenges planned that you can see below and in trying to complete them, I think I will be able to reach my goal of 75 books quite easily.

Year of the Asian Reading Challenge

I had wanted to participate in this challenge ever since I heard about it, which was sometime around mid last year but I just had a lot going on and I couldn’t bring myself to actually commit to it, but I am going to do so now!

Goal: Asian Elephant – 41 to 50 books

This is quite daunting for me since I end up reading a total of around 60 books each year and this means than more than 80% of them would have to be Asian author, however, considering the books I read in 2020 this probably won’t be all that hard to do! Plus, I hope to read 75 books this year and I want a majority of them to be not by white authors and this feels like a good place to start!

I will try to post a TBR of the books by Asian authors I plan to tackle this year since there are so many good books that I wish everyone would read! (No I have not read these, but, yes, I know these will be great!) These include the Daevabad Trilogy, Bone Witch Trilogy, Green Bones Saga, Sands of Arawiya series, etd.

30 books in 30 days challenge

I saw a few people do this last year and was inspired to do so myself, however, I had been very busy with college and some other things and couldn’t get to it. This year, I hope I can! This sounds really excitignand a challenge that I may not be able to complete but will definitely try hard to achieve!

I think I will do this in June since I will be on summer break then and I think it is quite necessary for me to not have college going on to eve have a fighting chance with this challenge!

Book Riot’s 2021 Read Harder Challenge

I loved the prompts for this challenge and seeing as there are 24 and my reading goal is 75, I should be able to do this one quite easily. A few of them are challenges that would get me to read books I don’t usually read and diversify the genres I stick to which is one of my goals for 2021 and I would be glad to use this challenge to actually get to it!

Beat The Backlist Challenge

I have so many unread books on my shelves that I am ashamed to even think about them. On top of that, I have quite a few overdue ARCs I should get to asap! Moreover, I have so many releases from the previous years I have heard a lot about and really want to read! So, in comes the Beat the Backlist challenge!

I am going to be doing the 24 prompts challenge and maybe even move on to the 52 challenges if I have the time and mental energy to do so! Here’s the bingo:


Another thing I want to challenge myself with is taking part in more readathons! I love doing them although I often suck at them but I didn’t take much initiative with them in 2020, except hosting one of my own with Haley – The Coffee Readathon!

So, I want to try and do at least 3 readathons in 2021, maybe even 4 and just push myself to read harder and maybe try to fit some prompts as a challenge! I also love making themed Bullet Journal pages for the readathons I take part in and so, I thought it might be fun to try and do more so I have more themes pages to enjoy!

So those are the Reading Challenges I hope to do in 2021! What reading challenges are you planning on doing? Let me know in the comments below!

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15 thoughts on “2021 Reading Challenges

  1. Goodluck with thoses! Xx

    I decided to stick with only two to start- beside the goodread one. Including readathons are a good twist! However I don’t think i’m ready for it yet.. seeing as I can’t go more than one book 😅 if I can get myself to read & finish books quicker, maybe ..

    Liked by 1 person

  2. YAS TO THESE GOALS JAYATI!!!!!!!!!!!!! I personally am challenging myself to read 100 books this year (I did it once and I swear it was sorcery so I want to try again lmao) and like you I would love to participate in some reading challenges–specifically readathons! I really do suck at readathons but this year I want to at least accomplish one 24 hour one. 😀

    Good luck with your goals darling!

    Liked by 1 person

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