5 Characters I’d Want With Me If I Was In A Battle

Hey everyone! We’re here for a discussion post – it really has been a while since any inspiration struck me and I posted one of these but they’re here and there are going to be quite a few of these! I have a series of 5 characters I’d want with me if… posts that are going to be posted over the next 2-3 months (i.e. I have 5 ideas haha). If you all have any ideas as to what situations I should talk about, do let me know and I will surely make a post about it!

But, for now, I’m in battle and so let’s talk about that.

Let’s do some background setting to make it all more real:

I have a sword in my hand that I don’t know how to wield properly. There are sounds of metal clanging against metal and gunshots being fired, which make my ears hurt and feel like I am deaf. A man approaches me and swings his sword at me and I clumsily raise my sword to meet it, trying to protect myself but not knowing what I was doing. My hand hurts as he pushes towards me, trying to get me to draw my sword. I am almost about to do so, when someone from behind him cuts off his neck and I sigh. It’s my companions who have come to save me.


Rin from The Poppy War series

Rin is a pretty obvious choice – handy with a sword and has the ability to shoot fire. What more do I need from someone? She can not only protect me when she is close to me, but also shoot fire at the enemies from some distance, and I will never be in risk of being killed again. Plus, she is deadly and could probably win us the entire battle so I’m definitely keeping her.

Inej from Six of Crows

So we have some brute force with Rin and now I get a sneaky spy who will soundlessly be able to get us all the information we need. Inej is of course, a great fighter as well, but she’s also great at doing things low key which is admittedly not a strength more of my other picks have! She may be little but she is an essential component needed to make the team work!

Percy Jackson

Percy needs no introduction, the Son of Poseidon has amazing powers and an uncanny ability to win battles which have a very low probability. Although, I have to admit, he is not very good with strategising and we should probably have him bring Annabeth along so she can keep tell us what to do and manage how we play our cards to win the battle.

Sanjeet from Raybearer

Being able to see people’s weakness is pretty amazing just on its own, but with the addition of his massive size, he has an edge over his opponents. Not only is he great at defeating opponents, but also an amazing ally as he could tell you your weaknesses and help you improve on them.

Rowan Whitethorn from Throne of Glass

We got fire with Rin and water with Percy, so I choose Rowan and get wind, another amazing element to have at my disposal. He’s also a 200(??) year old Fae male with great fighting skills and a LOT of experience in battle. He’s also a good soldier and would follow all my commands and keep everyone else in line as well. The enemies may just end up running away with one look at him…

What characters would you take with you if you had were in a battle? Do you agree with my choices? Let me know in the comments below!

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