My Notion Set Up

So yes, I gave into the Notion hype and made my own workboard. I mean, who here thought that wouldn’t happen? Not me! I’m just surprised I lasted so long but it makes sense that it was the first thing I did as soon as I had some free time…

Anyway, I’m going to share what I made with you all and hope you like it!

Let’s start by taking a look at the workspace for my college. It’s titles Semester 1, because that’s the current semester and has a few subpages, such as the course calendar which has all the deadlines and important dates marked on it so I don’t forget anything, weekly time blocking to assign enough time to the tasks to complete them and also give some structure to my day as a whole, goals – which are quite obviously my academic goals for this semester and assignments which keeps a track of where I am with all the assignments due in the foreseeable future.

Below that I have two motivational quotes which look pretty and also inspire me to work hard!

Next up we have the Blog Posts page! It is a simple page with a table to track when I am posting, what I’m posting and how far I am in creating that post. It is the best organisational system I’ve had so far and it helps me stay on track with my blog which I am very glad for! I also really love that we can change the view and I can see it on a calendar which makes it much easier for me to visualise how the month is going to go!

Let’s now look at my reading spread which quite plain but nice! It’s easy for me to know what I have read this month and according plan for review posts and I can also insert what books I’m supposed to read for some readalong/readathon I may be partaking in. I can just delete all the boxes once this month is over and so, it’s easy to reuse as well! It also helps me take notes for a book I may be reading as I can open it up as a page and write what I am thinking/feeling.

Lastly, we have my ‘Books I Need to Buy ASAP’ page which is quite obvious by the title itself. Some of these are books I’ve read on Scribd and loved and hence, want to buy and some are books I’ve heard a lot about recently, etc. This sort of serves as an Amazon Wishlist but is prettier and more aesthetic to look at! (also, I try not to use Amazon much so having another Wishlist is easier to access when looking at other local bookstores)

So that is my Notion Set up! Now that I’ve written this post, I can go and tick it off of my Blog Posts page on Notion haha! Anyway, what did you all think? What kind of pages do you have in your Notion Set Up? Have you done any posts on your Notion Set Ups? Lets me know in the comments below!

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