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Tropes I Need More Of Ft. Books I love That Have Those Tropes

Hey everyone! Today we’re tackling a very common topic – tropes and those that I love to read about! This post was actually pretty hard to write since there are so many tropes to choose from and so many of them that I do love and narrowing them down just seems to take what seems like forever!

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Okay I mean this obviously has to be up here! I freaking adore this trope and love the sexual tension that is usually there from the start! I love the intensity of the romance there is and the journey! Just one disclaimer before I go ahead – I do not support it if there has been any previous abuse/violence.


Today, Tonight, Tomorrow
By Rachel Lynn Solomon

I recently listened to the audiobook of this book and thoroughly enjoyed it! It was such a fun book with so many mysteries that were slowly being unraveled and leading to an epic romance that you couldn’t help but root for! I also loved the MCs and how they realise they hurt each other, apologise for it and fall in love!

Tweet Cute
By Emma Lord

I fell in love with this book in just a few pages – twitter wars, unknown identities and a high school setting is all I can tell you without spoiling it and I hope it is enough to get you interested! Oh, and there’s the cheesiest romance ever going on on two different platforms as they don’t know who they are actually talking to!

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Okay so come one, think about it, dating each other for some reason and realising you are actually in love with the other person and not knowing how these feel and all those unspoken feelings and tension and then learning they like you too and oh god, finally being together for real and been the cutest couple ever! Don’t you just get jitters? I know I do and if you don’t, read the books below and learn to love it as much as I do!


To All The Boys I’ve Ever Loved Before
By Jenny Han

At this point, this book is probably the poster child for this trope and if you haven’t read it yet, what are you doing?! I mean, there’s got to be a reason this boo is so popular, right? So go read it and find out!

Fun fact: I stayed up all night reading this! So hope this encourages you!

The Kiss Quotient
By Helen Hoang

A steamy romance that has you on the edge of your seat throughout its duration and makes you fall in love the MCs as they grow! I mean you’re just screaming at the MCs to tell each other how they feel during the whole book, and oh, I loved the family dynamics in this one as well!

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Okay, so you probably saw this coming after the first two and it’s pretty obvious! I love romances when the two characters really get to know each other and their deepest darkest secrets and love each other despite it or because of it and not know how to tell the other they love them and then when they finally get together, it is epic and everyone is always saying, we knew you’d be perfect together!


Love from A to Z
By SK Ali

This book would be a perfect example! The MCs meet each other multiple times and even though they like each other from the beginning, they say nothing. Slowly, they discover each other’s beliefs and what they are doing through and show up for each other and finally, oh finally, do they get together! And they are absolutely perfect for each other!

The Priory of the Orange Tree
By Samantha Shannon

Alright so Ead and Sabran are probably another couple perfect for this trope as Sabran marries someone else and then Eat consoles her after everything bad happens and even though they are forced apart, they come back together and are stronger than ever and I love it even more because it is a f/f romance and I’m a sucker for those!

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So here are some tropes I absolutely adore! Are they your favourites too? Do you have any book recs with these tropes for me? What are some of your favourite tropes? What are some books from them you love? Do you want to me to do a more detailed post on the tropes I love with more recommendations? Let me know in the comments below!

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