October Bullet Journal

Hey everyone! It’s time for another BuJo post. This month’s BuJo is quite similar to the one for September since I really loved all the spreads I had in September and as college continues, they’ll all continue to be quite useful to me!

This is October page and it’s quite simplistic and has no colouring after the disaster that was September (at least according to my brother). I love the different small drawings I’ve made and the spooky vibes I get from them! I also think the black monotone has a good effect on this spread!

Next up is my calendar! I added a small floral design on the top as it was looking really plain but that’s just for now because it is always a mess but the time the month is over and I’ve filled it all up lol.

After that is the page with my goals on it. I’m just sticking to 4 goals this month since I was only able to complete 3 out of 6 goals in September and I”m hoping to do better this month! Let’s see how it goes.

Moving on, we have the assigned reading tracker which is the same as last month and I loved this spread because it helped me stay on top of things and not forget anything that was due soon! OI did need to use a bit of the page on the other side but considering I have a week of midterm break this month, I don’t think it’ll be that long.

So, that’s my Bullet Journal for September. What’d you think of it? What other spread do you like to put in your Bullet Journal? Let me know in the comments below!

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