What I’ve been Watching: August and September

Hey everyone! Let’s talk about what TV shows and movies we’ve been watching recently. I always find this post a lot of fun to write since it’s so easy and it allows me to interact with you all and also get great TV Show recs! So, don’t forget to recommend me some TV Shows and also tell me how you feel about the shows I’ve been watching lately!

The King: Eternal Monarch

I was buddy watching this show with Vee and about 6 or 7 episodes in, we still couldn’t understand anything that was going on, were restless and quite bored. It just didn’t work for either of us and we left it which I felt really bad about since I’ve heard a lot about this show and I was really looking forward to watching it!

Modern Family

Ahh this is such a cute, fun show and I absolutely adore each and every character in it! They’re all so different and I love how they all fit in perfectly and yet not at all. I did skip a few episodes I wasn’t feeling all that interested in and I think that really helped it because it stopped me from losing interest in the show.

It was just such a feel-good show and I loved it. It always made me laugh and I also really liked the length of the episodes such that they were perfect for study breaks.

Indian Matchmaking

My cousins and I watched this together when they’d come over to stay and it was a hilarious experience. This show was just so backward and portrayed a weird background to the Indian society which was really fun to watch. The Seema Aunty was just such a crazy character and it was fun to see her pass judgements on others as we passed judgements on her lmao.

I really wish there is a season 2 and that there’s some LGBTQ+ couple because that’d just blow her mind and I;d love to see her reactions and how she ‘aligns the stars’.

The OC

I just started this show 3 days ago, I think and I’ve watched about 10 episodes of it. It looks like a great show and one I’m going to enjoy a lot so I’m looking forward to watching this!

So that’s what I’ve been watching the past two months! Have you watched these shows? What did you think? What have you been watching? Anything you’d liketo recommend to me to watch next? Let me know in the commets below.

7 thoughts on “What I’ve been Watching: August and September

  1. Sigh, yeah The King didn’t work for me too much either 🥺😭🥺😭🥺😭🥺😭. My cousin’s been watching Indian Matchmaking and telling me about it. I love your suggestion and I really hope they hear us!

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