September Bullet Journal

Hey everyone! I’m back with another Bullet Journal post. I took a small break in August as everything was moving way too fast but I made sure to be ready for September because I have a lot going on this month and yay for me, because here it is!

This is my cover page for September which I love! The colouring in the coffee cup doesn’t show properly in the photo ans looks dull but it’s much brighter in real life and looks good. The only thing not very nice are the vapours because it makes the coffee cup looks more like a pan rather than a cup.

This is the calendar for September wherein I’m going to put in my main tasks for each day so that I do them and also any important event, like my grandmother, whom I call Dadi’s birthday. There’s a colour code at the bottom to help me keep track and also make the page more aesthetic.

Next is the goals page which is quite self explanatory. I like it’s plain look and also my handwriting in the goals. I’m really hoping to actually complete my goals this month because, well, I don’t really have a good track record with these things and it’d be a proud moment to check off all the goals.

Let’s move on to my Coffee Readathon tracker which is honestly my favourite spread! I love all the coffees and the boxes and checking things off and I’m excited to write down the names of the books I’m done with and then reward myself with coffee card updates and finally the winner’s badge!

I also thought of adding a new spread related to my assigned readings for various classes so as to know where I’m supposed to be since I’m starting University this month and I’ve heard it’s really hard! I don’t think I’ll be having any major assignments this month so I don’t have a tracker for them but I found a really good spread for assignments to keep a full track of it which takes a page each and I’m going to use them for any major assignments like the mid-term essays, etc.

As you can see, I forgot to take the pictures earlier and did so today and hence have three readings filled in, like The Kama Sutra and Sufi Poetry which I read for a class on Gender and Sexuality and The Wonder that Was India which is a reading for my Indian Civilisations course.

Here we have my last spread which is to track my blog. I have an area for inspiration which I plan to use in case I have ideas for any discussion post and may even put in any book tag I’m tagged in and have to do over there.

Below is a column on Diverse Reads which is a new series I’m starting on my blog and I’m hoping to use it to figure out what 2 books to feature and if I can get any additional content for it, such as the author interview I had last month.

Next to it is the Notes column where I’m going to write down any blog tours I have that month and if anyone contacted me regarding ARCs and things such as that.

The other page is quite self-explanatory as it’s one in which I’ll be recording when I post and what I post and how much attention it gets. I like to look at things all together which is why I made this page

So, that’s my Bullet Journal for September. What’d you think of it? What other spread do you like to put in your Bullet Journal? Let me know in the comments below!

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15 thoughts on “September Bullet Journal

  1. Ah I adore your September set up so much Jayati! I didn’t share mine because it was kinda last minute but I kept mine pretty simple since Augusts was very heavy on the art so Septembers is pretty minimal except for the cover page. I do love your coffee though it’s so cute!

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