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Rating Books and the parameters involved in it

Hey everyone! It’s been so long since had a book discussion on here because I have been so tired and there’s been no good ideas in my head but, this idea popped into my head late last night and so, I decided to give it a go and share with you all what factors are involved in determining what rating I give to a book!

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I usually read around 2-3 books at once, switching between them as I feel like it. Over time, I realised that this helps me decide which book I am enjoying more as I tend to prioritise it over others.

I do also recognise that yeah, all books have some slow parts and some more exciting ones and my prioritising it may be a lot dependent on that and not the book as a whole, but,  I do try to look at it objectively and pinpoint what exactly about the book is making me prioritise it, but does it even matter? Because even if it’s just a part, it belongs to the book and does weigh in.



Books that can get me emotional do definitely get a higher rating than those that don’t. Obviously some books are not very emotionally stimulating in their very essence and I recognise that, but they all have to evoke an emotion in me up to some extent and I’ll take it, if the other factors make up for it, or depending on what the book is dealing with.

I also expect different degrees of emotions from different books, like I’d expect quite a bit of sadness in books dealing with death or depression or racism or even anxiety while other books which deal with lighter topics may make me feel happy and make me laugh a bit and put a smile on my face. And with some topics, I’d expect more sadness while less when dealing with others so I do try to keep that in mind when deciding how to rate the book.

So, the expectations are different in different scenarios and after looking at my feelings for the book,  it helps me choose the ratings.



As I have said time and again, the characters can make or break the book for me. All characters come from different walks of life and are put into different situations and have different problems to deal with, so yeah, I understand not relating to them but what I do look for is me empathising with them and being invested in their journey and its outcomes.

I need to love and hate the characters so that I can feel the emotions the book is talking about, which as I said before, is an important factor in deterring how I rate a book for me.



The three factors I have mentioned above are the ones that play the bigger role but there are also several other factors which matter a lot. These don’t really affect the rating very much because the fact is that if I even finished the book, my expectations for these factor were most probably fulfilled.

Like, the writing is really important. If a book’s not very well written I may not even finish it and so the above factors don’t even come into consideration. Sometimes, I may bear with the writing if the characters are really good but that’s a very rare case that never really happens.

Another one is the plot. The plot is what the book is based around and it needs to be intriguing. It usually is, because me picking up the book depends on its synopsis which reveals part of the plot and it has to interest e to read it, so usually I am satisfied with it.

The pacing of the book also matters sometimes. It’s not a very major factor but I do dislike books that move either too fast or too slow and it could discourage me from reading ahead.

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Alright, so these are some things which form a very important part in choosing what rating I give to a book. What affects your books ratings? Are they some of the same factors as mine or different? Let me know in the comments below! 

18 thoughts on “Rating Books and the parameters involved in it

  1. Emotion definitely plays a part for me, especially if a book is technically good, but I feel nothing. I find since a lot of what I read, world building is a fairly important part, and it also plays a role in how much I end up enjoying the book, because if I don’t understand the world, it’s hard to connect with the rest of the book.

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  2. Well, I’m pretty sporadic on my rating system but I heavily rate books on emotions because one of the best things I love about reading is all the feelings that it can evoke in me. Other than that, I also take the characters into consideration a lot too! I know that some people don’t approve of this and they prefer a much more rational approach in rating books, but personally, if a book was able to wow me then I’m not afraid to give 5-star ratings as much as I can

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  3. Characters are really important, of course, but I also think world and plot are equally so. For certain genres, though, I’ll prize one of these three factors above the other two. I agree, pacing and emotions evoked are both extremely important. If the pace is too slow, one gets bored, if it’s too fast, one gets confused. Writers who know their craft really well can evoke emotions in their readers because even if the readers haven’t had the same experience as the characters, if they can really feel for them, then that writer did a great job. Amazing discussion, Jayati!

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  4. Great system! I’ll be honest, I’ll give a book 5 stars only (and rarely) if it delivers a truly surreal experience. It needs to have a vibe and it needs to deliver that vibe perfect… e.g. To All the Boys – perfectly fluffy!

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