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July Bullet Journal

Hey everyone! It’s another Bullet Journal post so are you all ready to see my spreads for July? I actually love the July spreads a lot and spent quite a bit of time on them so hope you like them too!


Screenshot 2020-05-07 at 1.36.03 PM




I used to doodle a lot a few years ago so I decided to start it again and use it for decorating the monthly cover page for July! It’s really plain and simple, especially since I didn’t really bother to colour it in but I think it was a really good attempt!
I’m hoping to do some more doodling and get bette at it again 🙂




Next is the Calendar, as always, on which I record my blog posts and any major events like birthdays or appointments, etc. This time I also have a side column for things I need to remember and I’m hoping to use symbols in there to make it look cute, like a cake for birthdays or something.

Also, isn’t that little cupcake down there really cute?






After this is my tracker page, which is quite smaller as compared to last time. So, in June, I realised that I don’t really watch any movies unless the cinemas are open so I had an entire page which was empty. Thus, this month I just cut out the movies pages and my trackers is smaller, and much more neater in my opinion. I also cut to the doodles I’d made below pastime which aided in giving this effect.







After that are my goals, which you can all se as I’ve filled them in. I really love this page because it looks so sophisticated and kind of like a board? it’s pretty but not overdone and the flower really puts it all together and well, I hope I can just tick off all these goals and make this page look even better!








Following this, we move onto a new page I added, which is The Blog Post Ideas page! I added this since a lot of ideas often pop into my head when I’m trying to sleep and since I usually have neither my phone nor my laptop near me, they’re forgotten by the morning but maybe I could switch on the lights and note a really good one on this page? I don’t know how useful it’ll be but I want to give it a try!




Lastly are my weekly trackers are usual. I’ve included one photo for the tracker of the first week since it’s a little different as this month starts on a Wednesday and then one of the next week which has proper 7 days on it!



Screenshot 2020-05-07 at 1.35.44 PM

So, that’s my Bullet Journal for July. What’d you think go it? What other spread do you like to put in your Bullet Journal? Let me know in the comments below!

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15 thoughts on “July Bullet Journal

  1. I love the look of your July spreads! I’ve personally given up on maintaining a bullet journal (because I lack the patience and creativity for it LOL) so I’m enjoying seeing all these beautiful spreads instead. Your doodles are adorable and I love your handwriting! Your trackers are also so neat and pretty 😍

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