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It Sounded Better In My Head || A cute YA Romance that includes some of my favourite tropes

Hey everyone, I loved this book! It’s juts so cute and ahh, I had so much fun reading it. It has so one of my favourite tropes – there’s only one bed, which drove me crazy. Also, the romance was so cute and sort of angsty which was very appealing as well!

From debut author Nina Kenwood comes a tender, funny, and compulsively readable novel about first love and its confusions, and all of the awkwardness of teen romance.

When her parents announce their impending divorce, Natalie can’t understand why no one is fighting, or at least mildly upset. Then Zach and Lucy, her two best friends, hook up, leaving her feeling slightly miffed and decidedly awkward. She’d always imagined she would end up with Zach one day―in the version of her life that played out like a TV show, with just the right amount of banter, pining, and meaningful looks. Now everything has changed, and nothing is quite making sense. Until an unexpected romance comes along and shakes things up even further.

It Sounded Better in My Head is a compulsively readable love letter to teenage romance in all of its awkward glory, perfect for fans To All the Boys I’ve Loved Before and Emergency Contact.


This as a stunning debut novel which dealt with teenage anxiety that results from hormonal changes, puberty, family problems and more. 

Natalie’s parents have been separated for about a year and having been lying to her about it. Now, when they finally come clean, they have dealt with their issues and are calm about it while Natalie struggles to come to terms with it. 

With school ending and a new part of her life on the horizon, she is stuck in a middle phase where she doesn’t know what she is doing or going to do in the future. There is a lot of uncertainty and questions that are still to be answered, which helped me relate to the her even more since I’m more or less in the same place as her. 

The story evolves slowly and steadily as Natalie develops a crush on her best friend, Zach’s elder brother. There is a beginning of a romance which is cute and sweet but is also full with problems since Natalie and Alex are polar opposites. 

Natalie is insecure, socially awkward, doesn’t drink and despises going to parties while Alex loves going to parties, has a lot of friends and is a kind of playboy. Through the story, they deal with them in a realistic and harsh manner which made the book even more wonderful! 

Nina Kenwood accurately captures the emotions and feelings one goes through in their teen years and portrays them in a manner that is fun and easy to read!


Have you read Raybearer? Do you plan on picking it and it’s sequel up? IF you’ve read either, what did you think of them? – Jayati

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