Camp NaNoWriMo!

Hey everyone! It’s almost April which means it is time for Camp NaNoWriMo and I’m taking part this year!


So, I haven’t had much time to plan since my exams just ended in late March and it was only after that I started working on my latest WIP but I do have the basic setting, themes and plots down. 

I’m still kind of on the fence about the character names so I think I’ll just use temporary ones for now and change them later according to what I like. I’m also not completely done with the character profiles but I can continue building them as I write, I figure.

I’m pretty much done with the overall outline of the book but I still need to figure out specific chapters. I’m just going to go slow and start with outlining about 10 chapters for now and starting the writing process because if I don’t, I could go planning forever and never actually end up writing anything!


Primarily, I hope to write 10 chapters but then again, what if a chapter gets too long or too short?

So, I’m setting my goal to 25,000 words and want to be halfway done with the rising action bit. I’m pretty flexible on this goal though, so while I am setting it to 25,000 words now, I might change it depending on the pacing of the book.

So, it’s time for me to start writing! Are you all taking part in Camp NaNoWriMo this April? What are you planning to write? What is your goal? Are you just starting your novel or are you planning to finish it this time? Tell me in the comments below!

12 thoughts on “Camp NaNoWriMo!

  1. Ahh.. best of luck with all your goals. 💕 I’m currently in the prep section of my WIP and I really don’t like the prep, I just want to start writing!! I currently doing the characters but I want to finish it soon as I can, if only I could stop procrastinating !!! 😂 anyway you’ve totally got this!!! 😊

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  2. Good luck with everything!! Sending all good thoughts your way. I used to love to write, but idk what caused me to stop. I think if I ever was to pick it back up again, it would be just for me. I would be too stressed out otherwise 😅

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