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Reorganising my Bookshelf

Hey everyone! As I told you all before, I’m planning to do a series called ‘What I’m Upto’ and this is my first post in the series which is about reorganising my bookshelf. It took me three days to get it all done since I barely got any help from my mom or my brother but it was all definitely worth it looking at how it turned out in the end!

This time I decided to do a Rainbow Bookshelf which is something I haven’t done before since I really need al the series to be together and I thought this would really annoy me but I wanted to check it out once, so here we go.


So, my bookshelf was a mess when I started and my books were scattered everywhere as I hadn’t been home in quite a while and it took me about 3 hours to collect my books from various places that they were scattered, and that was all I did on day 1 because oh god, is it tiring to shift so many books.

At the end, my books were stacked on the bed in piles of 4/5 and almost the entire bed was covered and there was no place for me to sleep so I slept in the guest room.



The next day I sorted the books by colours since I had decided to do a Rainbow Bookshelf and placed the stacks of different colours on the bookshelf so that I’d have some place to sleep on the bed, haha.

This wasn’t much work and only took me about an hour but well, my books were overflowing nd there wasn’t enough place on the bookshelf for them all so I had to keep some on he bed as well.

In the photo you can only see the top three shelves and a little of the fourth, since the position of the bed makes it hard to click a photo of the full bookshelf.



Lastly, on Day 3 I shifted all the books I’d stack by colour onto the bed and started to put the books by colour.

I started with black and then went from there until I reached white and then I had a few blacks again so I could also stack some gold coloured books as well. I only organised the first three shelves as Rainbow Shelves and put some long series into the fourth and fifth shelf which were all of Rick Riordan and Cassansdra Clare’s books which do not really have a definite colour but they aren’t in the photo below.

On the sides I have a few decorations such as the Harry Potter figure on the top shelf, a few stuffed animals on the second and a showpiece on the third which is actually a cart filled with flowers to make the bookshelf look more pretty and wholesome.



So that’s how my bookshelf looks now and it is what I have been upto he past 3 days. What have you all been doing? Did you like this post? Do you want me to continue with this series and show you all what I’m upto. 

What activity do you want me to do? Tell me in the comments below! 

13 thoughts on “Reorganising my Bookshelf

  1. Oooff that’s a whole lot of books !! 😍 Sadly, I don’t own that many.. but hey, when I switched shelves, it may have took me an hour or two so.. ahaha xd

    The rainbow turned out so lovely !!!! With the little decorations, I love it so much. Good job ! xx

    Liked by 1 person

  2. OMG your shelves look so pretty Jayati! I have to admit I’ve considered reorganising my shelves into the rainbow order but I just don’t think it’d last long because I’d forget where a certain book is haha. Rainbow shelves do look super pretty though! I own waaaaay too many black/dark books because urban fantasy decided black spines/dark spines were a thing so if I were to do it, I think the black would maybe overpower the other colours xD

    I love this series and this awesome first post ❤ I'd love to see the behind scenes of writing/editing/formatting a blog post?

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you! Haha, I get it. My bookshelves are a mess again and I think I’m going to organise them again, by author name this time lol.

      Oh, I’ll be sure to make a post on that. Thanks for the idea! ❤


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