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Being an International Book Blogger

Hey everyone! I thought I’d discuss with you all what it is like to be an international reader today since I really can not seem to get back into reading after my book hangover and hence, have no reviews to post and nor any motivation to do any book tags.

I’m from India. 

I thing I’ve said this time and often and you all must now that by know.

India may be the 7th largest country with the 2nd most population, accounting for 17.7% of the population of the whole world, but still,  we do not have many resources regarding various things such as access to ARCs or any book events or a lot of book boxes and merchandise.

So, what does it mean for me? 

I get most of my books online. Sure, there are quite a few bookstores around and since I live in the capital, New Delhi I have a lot more access to them but, still, I am unable to go to the bookstores very often and when I do go, they very rarely have any books that I’ve not already read/ own.

Most books I see there are from certain famous authors, such as Rick Riordian, Cassandra Clare, etc. and I really end up having no choice but to order online most of the time.

Next, when we talk of libraries, there are quite a few libraries here but getting memberships to borrow books from them is very hard and honestly, it is just easier to buy books than try libraries.

A lot of them don’t refresh their stock or update and get new books and it is also very hard to go to them, given the distance from my house and the traffic that is ever present in Delhi.
It takes me minimum 40 minutes to get to the nearest library that is well, good and has a few books that I’d like to borrow and read and it is impossible to go there more than once a month because of the distance.

Moving on, let us talk about ARCs.

Most ARCs are just ‘Wish For It‘ for me and it’s really hard to get accepted for those I request. Moreover, getting a Physical ARC is impossible for me! I understand why it is so, given shipping costs to get the book all the way to India but I guess, they could do something about eARCs as there are quite a few Indian book bloggers over here and sending over eARCs isn’t hard.

Moreover, when it comes to various book or author events, there are none here.
We just have comic con once a year and it falls right in the middle of my exams and I am able to go. The only author I’ve actually ever met is Ruskin Bond because he lives in Mussorie, a hill station, goes to this bookshop every Sunday to meet people and I’ve been lucky enough to be there and meet him three times!

So, that’s what being an international book blogger and reader means for me. 

What does it mean for you? What has your journey been like? Tell me in the comments below! 



12 thoughts on “Being an International Book Blogger

  1. Hhere in the Netherlands access to books is good. However, I’m dependent on ebooks and some publishers don’t publish ebooks. I have no library experience, but the library for the blind is a year or more behind. Events? Yes we get them. Recently V. E. Schwab came to my country. Do you have bookclubs in India? Oh and I don’t do EARCs so don’t know whether that’s easy or not.

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    1. That’s good to hear and ah, I hate when e-books are not available 😦
      Omg that’s amazing! Did you go see her?
      There are a few book clubs but i don’t know much about them since I barely have time to do anything outside of school


  2. I feel this so much Jayati… this is probably the one most important drawback of my wanting to come back to India… Hyderabad has even lesser bookstores (probably just Crossword and Landmark) and no libraries, so I don’t know what I’ll ever do if I come back 😭😭😭
    It must be so tough for you… but it’s so commendable that you still manage the blog so well 👌👌

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  3. its lovely that youve been able to meet the author three times, but it really is a shame that author events dont happen there. from what i understand its up to bookstores to request an author visits? i dunno tho.

    after all the talk about making eARCs more accessable for INTL bloggers i truly hope some publishers start to listen and do so. its literally free advertising for them…..

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    1. Yeah I think so, but India is just so far away. It’s a 9 hour flight from UK and 16 from US so I do understand why the authors aren’t able to come here.

      Ah, that’s so true and there are quite a few Indian book bloggers so they’d get a lot of publicity here as well!

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  4. Netgalley changing it all to Wish For It is one of the things I’ve been super salty about since they changed it despite being from the US and having the privilege. Shipping costs internationally is super high, so I understand them not sending them out, but as for eARCs? I get there are legal implications, but you’re right: sending over eARCs isn’t that hard. I hope Netgalley will eventually change it back; as far as I’m aware, most libraries who don’t have huge fundings purchase books that are in high demand and frequently, they’re backlist titles.

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    1. I agree, it’s really unfair and I hope netgalley changes it back soon! So sad I wasn’t a blogger when all titles were available for request 😞
      And that does make sense for libraries to do that but it’s also really frustrating.


  5. Oh man I live across the street from the library and volunteer there regularly. A few years ago when I was in Abu Dhabi for a year (the city beside Dubai), I had a difficult time finding books and didn’t read that year at all because the library required a $400 down payment and then the books weren’t too well organized. So yeah I’m glad I’m back in Canada but I hope things get better in India for books. What are ARC’s?

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