October Goals

It’s a new month and o, let’s set some goals and follow through and update ourselves on how we did last months.
I am so not ready for this since I know I’m not doing too well this time, but well, we have to check.


  1. 70% in September Exams. I haven’t got the whole result yet but I got 90% in Math and 80% in Accounts so I think I’m pretty safe on an overall basis!
  2. Reply to blog comments. I couldn’t keep up with them all the time, but I am caught up now!
  3. Post twice a week at least. I sort fo managed his and I am quite proud of myself.
  4. Read 5 ARCs. HAHAHHAHA. I barely managed to read 3 books. (somehow, they were all ARCs so yay for that at least!)
  5. Try and blog hop more. Not really. I still need more time for this and I hope I will have more now.


  1. Do well on SAT.
  2. Fill in the college applications. (At least the ones that open in October)
  3. Blog hop more.
  4. Be more consistent with replying to comments.
  5. Post twice a week, according to my new schedule.
  6. Read 3 ARCs (let’s keep it less this time so I am not as disappointed for later)

So, those are my goals for this month! What are your goals? tell me in the comments below! 



7 thoughts on “October Goals

  1. Ahhhh happy to hear you got good exam scores and caught up with blog comments. Also even if you barely managed to read 3 ARCs, you did great, and I’m proud of you.

    Good luck with the SAT and college applications! Here’s to hoping you get accepted to the place you want to go to and meet the rest of your goals. ❤

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