Monthly Wrap-Up

September Wrap Up

Hey everyone! I’m a year older this month? WOW. I finally turned 17 and it given me graduation feelings since there’s only 6 more months of school left? I mean, where did all that time go?

As I said, another month is coming to a close and so, let us see what all I did this month. Honestly thought this month was slow and there isn’t much to share, so let’s just divulge in.


I had exams this month (which, unfortunately, started on my birthday) which really took up a lot of my focus and my time and left not a lot of space for everything else.

As you’ll see in the next section, I barely had any time to read and as you may have observed, I haven’t been blogging much either.

My exams were just okay. I did do better in a few subjects, so I’m really happy about that but my performance also fell in my best subject (probs because I didn’t study – so, my fault) and it was all just a lot to deal with.
And, the worst isn’t over yet as I have SAT on 5th October, so I’m a little preoccupied with it.

On the I also enjoyed myself! I threw a birthday party just a few days ago, on the 27th i.e. after my exams got over, which was a lot of fun and I really enjoyed it and having all my friends there. It was an amazing day!


  • One?: 4 stars || A book I couldn’t really enjoy, unfortunately.
  • Relic: 4 stars ||A new sort of a fantasy that has hunger game vibes but proves to be a lot more.

non bookish favs

Average days per book:  15 days

Total pages this month: 852 pages
Average Pages per day: 28 pages

Total pages this year: 16045  pages
Average Pages per day: 59
 pages (274 days)


As usual, I started off this month by Wrapping up everything that happened in August and you can check out here.

After that, I shared with you all my goals for the month!

I also had the amazing opportunity to interview Sangu Mandanna! 

After that, I shared my views on Hiatuses and why they are important also why I am considering taking one in December.

Lastly, I had a Blog update to tell you all what all is going to be happening on here for the next few months.


I technically posted 3 reviews this month which is really good I guess, according to how much I read.


The Tag of Rage and Sorrow

Reading Challenges Status

  • Goodreads Reading Challenge: 52/50 (104%)
  • PopSugar Reading Challenge: 11/40 (27.5%)
  • Classics Reading Challenge: 4/50 (8%)


October is going to start off with SAT and is going to be filled with college applications and other such things. I can not say I am not excited to get all this done and out of the way.

Other than that, we have Diwali, an Indian festival which celebrates the victory of good over evil in October which I can not wait for!

That is all for this month! Hope you liked it. Share how your month was in the comments below. How many books did you read? What are your plans for September?

-Jayati xx


8 thoughts on “September Wrap Up

  1. Shoot- Happy late birthday !! ❤️
    This month has been harder for me too reading/blogging wise.. but for me it was for working rather than exams, ahah 😅 atleast your exams went pretty good ! Specially when you have a bunch in a row, it can be hard to juggle which one to study — as of which the ones you struggles the most in should have the biggest part rather than the one you usually excel at. I’m sure you’ll do better on the next ones xx

    I hope you have fun at your festival & Good luck for the exam and college applications!

    Liked by 1 person

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