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Taking A Hiatus | Why it is important, its consequences and how to get back into blogging

Hey everyone! Today I’m here and talking about going on Hiatus. I have to say that I have been considering it a lot lately since life has been crazy and overwhelming and I’m barely getting any time to myself to read or blog or enjoy it as I could before. So, this post is basically a collection of thoughts of what I think of hiatuses and how I think they will play out.


What is a Hiatus?

A temporary gap, pause, break, or absence can be called a hiatus.

So, why should one take a break? 

To not burn out. 

I haven’t been able to think of any original ideas or any tips to share with you all these past two months as I have had many other things on my mind.

I just end up resorting to posting memes or tags or awards and book reviews and that is not all this blog is about and so, I don’t like it.

Taking a hiatus could help rejuvenate you and help you be back stronger and fresher than ever with new fresh ideas which help you get the ball rolling again and make it fun.

People are often very hesitant when deciding to take a hiatus, I know I am and so, I’ll say this: You need to put yourself first. Your blog will be here when you get back.

Taking a hiatus can give you some place to breathe away from the responsibility of your blog. I know I feel bad when I don’t post when I wanted to or don’t blog hop or don’t reply to comments on time and so a hiatus can give you a break while you get on top of all that without worrying too much about your own blog.

So, what are the consequences?

Your stats will drop. People may forget about you, I know I’m scared about both of them. but let me tell you this, last year I took a two month hiatus and I cam back late December and since then, slowly my blog has expanded once again as I participated more and more in the blogging community and so, be rest assured, thing will be back to normal.

We all know the community is amazing and so, know that they will help you and it’ll be okay.

It’s okay to take a break and its okay because when you’ll be back, you’ll be happy and in love with blogging again.

Now, you’re back but how to find your footing in the blogging community again? 

I think the easiest way to do this is to just start posting again and to start blog hopping and being active on various blogging social medias to let others know of your presence.

Soon enough, people will start coming to your blog and things will be back to normal.


Am I going to take a Hiatus? 

As I mentioned, my life has been crazy and overwhelming and so, yes, I should be taking a break, but not yet.

My exams are almost over now and my next ones will be in December and they will be bigger and scarier and more important and it is totally possible that I take a 4 month hiatus after that will small breaks in the middle so I stay connected with the community but, I’m here for now.

I hope this post helped you if you needed to take a break.

So, what are your views on hiatuses? Have you taken a hiatus recently or do you plan on taking one in the near future? What would you recommend to others to do after they come back from a hiatus to get in touch with the blogging community? Tell me in the comments below. 



21 thoughts on “Taking A Hiatus | Why it is important, its consequences and how to get back into blogging

  1. I do take a hiatus here and there especially when I get mentally drained (as I recently was) by overdoing and overburdening myself too much. As you said the stats will drop when you take a hiatus, it’s a given, and things do go back to normal if not completely. I took a four-month hiatus at the end of last year and my stats haven’t been gone back to the same level as they used to be. But I try not to let it get to me too much.
    Unless you are blogging as an occupation, you should put yourself first. Take a bit of breather when needed. Great post!

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  2. Thank you for your post !
    I’m one to not take hiatus even though i’d need it too — although I know it’s more than okay and we SHOULD focus on ourselves, I just can’t do it. Ithink most of that is my fear of missing a post that put more anxiety to the process? but besides the consequences that you explained, the one that scares me the most is not what effect it’d have on my views, but what if I don’t come back ?

    What i’ve been doing in times where I feel like I should take one.. is basically force through it. Eventually, it leaves and i’m able to get ideas again.

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    1. I understand what you feel and honestly, I feel it too sometimes.
      Hiatuses aren’t for everyone I guess and I just hope your able to come back if you take one because I’ll surely miss you!

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  3. I think we are allowed to tak hiatuses and should do it if we feel the need! As one blogger said: the blog does not pay our bills so it should stay pleasant.

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  4. I hope that when you take your hiatus it goes well for you! I had to take a bit of a blog and booktube hiatus in the last two months. I wasn’t completely gone, but I wasn’t entirely there either… I missed it. The hardest thing has been coming back for me. Especially as the stats have dropped significantly and I am struggling to pull them back up. But I will get there eventually 🙂 Mental health is more important.

    Olivia-S @ Olivia’s Catastrophe

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    1. Thanks 💕
      I wish you all the best and I hope that you’re okay – your blog is here and ten community is here for you and I’m sure you’ll be back and doing well in no time!


  5. I am a huge advocate of hiatuses. I think that no person can be creative all of the time, and we put so much pressure on ourselves as bloggers. The thing is: this is a hobby. We aren’t being paid for it. So why do we work ourselves ragged and sucking the joy out of our hobby?

    I was afraid I would lose followers or be forgotten. That wasn’t the case for me. But what DOES hurt my stats is not being in the community or phoning it in. I think people can tell.

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  6. I’ve never taken a planned hiatus but I have taken a few accidental ones! And I was amazed at how easy it was to bounce back (like you said, blog hopping is the way to go!) The book blogging community is amazing ❤ Great post! And good luck on your exams!

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