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His Billionaire Bride | ARC Review

DISCLAIMER: I received an Advanced Readers Copy from Netgalley but that does not in any view affect my views on these books. 




Business investor Carrie Morgan is guarded for a long list of good reasons. She’s battled her way to the top of her industry, dealt with enough bad sex to put her off men, and if her painful past has taught her anything, it’s that commitment always ends in heartbreak.

When Carrie’s sister asks her to sit for a portrait—as a bride—she uneasily agrees. Anything for Emmie. Even if it means intimate nightly sessions with her secret fantasy: artist Edwin Prince.

Rejected by his family and treated as temporary by past lovers, Edwin will settle for nothing less than commitment — and wants that and more from the beguiling Carrie Morgan. Startling them both, she allows him to unwind her emotional bindings one intense interaction at a time, until their chemistry builds so high, she’s blinded to the fall.

And the only way out is to break both their hearts.


This book tore me apart and made me an emotional wreck.
In some ways, this book was agonisingly slow and in others, it was way too fast and I needed a moment to breathe before I moved ahead.

Carrie is a smart, intelligent woman who has worked her way up and has been ranked as one of the top 10 female businesswoman in California. She is used to being in control of her life and everything around her but, that control is taken out of her hand with a sudden jerk as Edwin Prince appears in her life.
Edwin is brilliant – he is artistic and he’s great at what he does too. He <I>feels</I> and makes others feel in a way they are not used to and pushes them out of their comfort zones sometimes.

There is an instant chemistry between Edwin and Carrie, which, we learn has been felt even from across the dance floor and as Carrie decides to sit for Edwin and et him make a portrait of her, the intense energy explodes and leads to more.

There are complications and unsurity. This book is more than just clichés and it deals with some important issues in a Avery sensible manner,

This book was wonderful and I am so glad I had the opportunity to read it as it filled me with joy and wonder.


What did you all think of my post? Are you all going to read this book? Have you already read it? Have you read His Billionaire Bride yet? what did you think about it? Tell me in the comments below.


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