September Goals

It feels to me that it was just yesterday that I was listing my August Goals but it’s September according to the calendar and so here I am, making a lost of all the goals I wish to accomplish over the 30-day period known as September.

August was bad and I knew it would be, so I’m not really focusing on it but let’s review it anyway so we have an accurate picture of August.


  1. Post once in 3 days. August is a busy month for me and so I think this much is enough for August! I mean, not really, and it’s not like I didn’t expect to fail this. *sighs*
  2. Get 70% in my August Exams. Honestly, I was aiming for at least 80 but I don’t think I will be able to get that much. Even 70% seems like such a big feat to me right now and it just kinda makes me really sad! I did this somehow? I got an overall 70% or something and I’m glad but I need to do better.
  3. Reply to blog comments.  Nope. I have a month pending.
  4. Blog hop more i.e. once in 3 days so as to be a little regular. *laughs at past self for thinking anything would happen*
  5. Start planning my new WIP. So, the reason I could not really do Camp NaNo was that I had an idea for a new WIP and I just wasn’t feeling it with my old WIP so I think I should leave it for a little while and start with my new one.  Again, no. Like I said, August was bad.


  1. 70% in September Exams.
  2. Reply to blog comments.
  3. Post twice a week at least.
  4. Read 5 ARCs.
  5. Try and blog hop more.

I’ve tried to keep my September goals short and I just hope I’m able to finish them all so I am more motivated by the time October comes ’round.

So, those are my goals for this month! What are your goals? tell me in the comments below! 



13 thoughts on “September Goals

  1. August has been a bad one for me and a whole lot of other people, it seems ! So don’t fret too much about it .. let’s just.. pretend this didn’t happend *aherm*

    Goodluck on thoses goals ! I hope you have better luck this month and accomplish most of them xx

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  2. *sending hugs* I think August was bad for basically everyone. Adulting is hard!! (Also, I am weeks behind on blog hopping… you don’t see it because you’re in the first half of the alphabet, but I have over 200 unread posts to get to!! 😓

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    1. Oooof, I wish life could be easier… if you need to reach out and talk to someone, I’m here for you okay?
      Ahh I so get that, I have a 100 posts or so to get to too (including quite a few of yours)

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      1. Feel free to ignore mine!! I’m probably just rambling incoherently about something… 96% sure it’s probably Darkdawn. (But I’ve finished the series now so no more yelling!!)


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