August Goals

Hey everyone! As we move into this new month, let me discuss my goals and aspirations for this month.

There is always so much to do and not enough time but maybe putting some goals down on a paper (or up on the internet) will help me keep true to them as I will have to hold myself accountable at the end of the month!

First, let’s take a look at how I faired in July!


  1. Post alternative days. This, unfortunately, could not happen since I was really busy and caught with my life in July. 😦
  2. Participate in Camp NaNo. I did participate but couldn’t complete my goal.
  3. Reply to blog comments. I did try to keep it consistent but I think I could definitely be doing better!
  4. Blog hop more. Kind of? I had spurs and bits where I’d be able to blog hop a lot and days where I couldn’t find the energy or time to do so.
  5. Do tutoring? (Maybe – but this plan isn’t final as of now. Though if it works out, it could be fun!) 
  6. Make more friends in my classes. Yeah, I sort of did this. I hate interactions but I did make an active effort to talk more and share and ask others about them and I guess that’s what matters, right?
  7. Take part in Economics Symposium. I DID THIS!!!
  8. Prepare for August exams. I don’t know honestly. I’ve not been feeling too good about my studies for this past week and I’m unsure and just… I hope to be able to do better.

So as it turns out, I did not do very well in my July goals and now, I’m feeling a little sad but I hope to channel this into motivation into completing my August Goals!


  1. Post once in 3 days. August is a busy month for me and so I think this much is enough for August!
  2. Get 70% in my August Exams. Honestly, I was aiming for at least 80 but I don’t think I will be able to get that much. Even 70% seems like such a big feat to me right now and it just kinda makes me really sad!
  3. Reply to blog comments.
  4. Blog hop more i.e. once in 3 days so as to be a little regular.
  5. Start planning my new WIP. So, the reason I could not really do Camp NaNo was that I had an idea for a new WIP and I just wasn’t feeling it with my old WIP so I think I should leave it for a little while and start with my new one.

And that is it. I just have 5 goals but if I can actually achieve them, it will be great!

So, those are my goals for this month! What are your goals? tell me in the comments below! 


9 thoughts on “August Goals

  1. Good luck with the exams! Don’t put too much pressure on yourself, you’re doing great ❤️ I appreciate the irony of this comment and don’t want to create more work for you, so please don’t feel any pressure to reply! Take care.
    📕MP📚 X

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  2. Good luck with all thoses new goals! They do seems very doable and reasonable 🙂

    I’m sorry July’s didn’t got as much accomplished as you would’ve hoped for, but hey – sometimes life just gets in the way. It’s absolutely okay, and remember to take care of yourself first! That’s the most important. Although you didn’t met what you’ve given to yourself, I think it’s still really good that you’ve participated in nanowrimo nonetheless AND started talking more to people 👏🏼 that’s a very good start!

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