Off Tangent Thoughts

Thoughts I have​ during a readathon

Hey everyone! I’m back again with another instalment of ‘Off Tangent Thought’., a meme created by Charvi @Not Just Fiction. I have been doing this meme for quite some time now and I am loving it so here we go with a new topic to start off listing my thoughts about today!




–> *rushes to sign up* 

–> *looks at prompts* 

–> *searches Goodreads* 

–> *adds books to Amazon cart*

–> *gets mom to buy those books* 

–> *starts preparing for the readathon* 

–> *gets to know the community* 

–> *Gets to know the team if there are teams* 

–> *cheers everyone as soon as the readathon starts* 

–> *starts reading obsessively* 

–> *aims to finish all prompts* 

–> Forgets about reviewing them books 

–> Continues to read and read and read until there are 7-8 books that I haven’t reviewed yet

–> Becomes a wreck looking at unfinished/unstarted reviews 

–> *sweats, even more, when I remember I forgot to take notes for a book because it was too engrossing* 

–> *attempts to forget about undone reviews*

–> Reads more 

–> *starts Readathon wrap-up Post in advance so I can track how far along I am 

–> *talk to the people taking part more*

–> *becomes very competitive* 

–> *ends up in a reading hangover once the readathon is over* 

What are your thoughts during a readathon? Do you like to take part in readathons? What is your favourite part about readathons? Tell me in the comments below. 



10 thoughts on “Thoughts I have​ during a readathon

  1. ahaha I would *actually* have too many books to finish in one lifetime if I bought new ones for readathons, my TBR is long enough that I can usually fill most of the prompts from what I already have 😅 but I can definitely relate to kind of sprint-reading without pausing to write reviews, since that’s exactly what I did at the end of Asian Lit Bingo … and I still have way too many of those reviews left to catch up on oops.

    I love readathons in theory, but half the time I forget they’re happening or something comes up and I end up not being to really participate 😕 #studentlife i guess?

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    1. Haha, well I try to use the books I have but new books are calling my name so don’t judge me, okay?

      Haha, hope you get up to speed on your reviews soon!

      Ahh I know that feeling. It’s the reason I’m planning to abstain from any readathon for the rest of the year. I’m not doing them justice so better next time, when I can actually read!

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