July Goals

It’s already July so we better get to work before the year runs out!

There’s so much to do this year – especially since it’s the most important school year for me and it seems that my to-do list is ever increasing so I better get to work and knock down some tasks on it!

First off, Update on my June Goals! 


  • Write 25,000 words. I Really need to catch up on writing and need to move forward in my WIP. Yeah, this really didn’t happen in any form or shape.
  • Read 7 books for the Biblio Games Readathon. I did – I read 8 books!
  • Listen to an audiobook (Becoming by Michelle Obama) Done 🙂
  • Study hard and finish my holiday homework. Kind of? yeah, it’s just whatever.
  • Post consistently (3 times a week). I am proud to announce that I could do this!
  • Reply to comments and keep up to date with them. Not really – I need to work harder on this!
  • Blog hop more often. Working on this as well!
  • Have fun in Vietnam! (yes, that needs to be a goal) And I did have a lot of fun! despite the heat
  • Take a lot of photographs. YES!!!
  • Schedule for half of July since school will be back in session then and there will be a lot to do. yeah, this surely didn’t work out 😦



  1. Post alternative days.
  2. Participate in Camp NaNo.
  3. Reply to blog comments.
  4. Blog hop more.
  5. Do tutoring? (Maybe – but this plan isn’t final as of now. Though if it works out, it could be fun!)
  6. Make more friends in my classes.
  7. Take part in Economics Symposium.
  8. Prepare for August exams.

School’s about to be back in full swing from the 8th and since we’ll only have a month before my exams in August – I hope that I will be able to prepare and get ready for them before time so they don’t stress me out too much when they are finally here.

So, those are my goals for this month! What are your goals? tell me in the comments below! 




19 thoughts on “July Goals

    1. Haha, I know that feeling. So, I’m trying this alternative day replying so I don’t have too many comments at once and I hope it works out for me!


  1. Hey you did really well in Juneee!! Like yasss to blogging consistency. Good luck with July! And omg I do ‘have fun in summer’ or ‘have fun on that vacation’ in my goals too (hey, it’s IMPORTANT to have fun, okay?)

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  2. Ah I’m wishing you all the best for your exams in August! Smash them like I know you can, and woooo Camp NoNa lmao I can’t decide whether I’m actually gonna give it a go or if I’ll just stare at my WIP instead xD At the moment it’s a lot of starting and procrastinating

    Liked by 1 person

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