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How to Inspire Yourself to Write

Hey everyone! As you all might have noticed, I’m an extremely moody person. I rate high on Neuroticism b(I took the Maudsley Personality Inventory test so there is official proof as well) and I just do everything according to what I feel like doing.

Now, I know this is not a very good thing so, in this post, I am going to share with you all some ways in which I inspire myself to continue writing.


Finding aesthetics and compiling them is something I love to do and find very relaxing, so, I do this whenever I wish to write but am unable to. It gives me different ideas, is eye-pleasing and eventually leads me back to writing.


I use different tests and bases to categorize my characters into personality types and I love playing around with them, reading more about certain personality types and just overall trying to make my characters more wholesome and lifelike.

So, when I don’t feel like writing I just look around, focusing on one or two characters and end up writing a scene with them. Now, that character might not really be the one on which the story is based and that scene might never be used at all but it just expands the characters and helps give more insight and that is what I think is very important.


Going through the past few pages is something that always makes me want to write more and move forward in the story. Even if that doesn’t happen, just by rereading the past few pages, you can fix the typos and see what sentences make sense and what doesn’t and also make sure that the story is flowing together and if there are any plotholes that you might have missed while writing.


Soft music or even background sounds like birds chirping or waves help my creative juices flow. I just switch on the music, open my document and look over my progress hoping I am inspired to write something.

This usually results in writing scenes that include the sound that I am hearing but well, at least I wrote something!


I love to discuss what I’ve written and where the story is going with a few of my close friends. I had this one friend in particular about 2 years ago whom I became friends with only because we were bored and she had heard that I was writing something and wanted to hear the story, Now, we’ve become better friends and talk about other things as well but my writing is still the basis of our friendship.

Talking about what I’m writing and what I am planning to write ahead with people whose opinions I trust helps me get an insight into what direction my story is going towards and also helps me realise things I missed. Further, as I tell them about what I am planning ahead, I get a motivation to go and write that so I can continue planning and plotting and moving the story ahead.

So, that is it for today.

Do you all write too? How do you motivate yourselves to write? What hinders your writing?

Also, would you like to see more posts about writing on my blog in the future? If the response is good, I may make a series of posts with different ‘Writer Problems‘ that I face included in them such as writer’s block or time management with writing, etc… Let me know if you will find this interesting in the comments below. 

-Jayati xx

20 thoughts on “How to Inspire Yourself to Write

  1. last year or so I got really into productivity YouTubers / bloggers (and before that it was studyblr), so I’ve read a lot about how discipline supersedes inspiration and motivation, just do it, et cetera – but of course all that is easier said than done, and with creative endeavors like writing it’s particularly hard to follow 😕

    these are all really useful tips! I definitely spend a lot of time on Pinterest for character and story-tone inspiration, and sometimes making a dedicated playlist for a WIP motivates me to spend more time with it; for a while I used to assign my characters MBTI types as shorthand to remember their personalities and how they would react to certain situations, I haven’t done it lately bc I’ve been playing around with archetypes (which already have set, memorable personalities) but it was a huge help.

    for me rereading actually has the opposite effect, I get a little stuck on editing and “why did I think that was a good idea, how am I going to fix this plot hole I wrote myself into” – instead I skip around and write the scenes I most want to write, even if I don’t know if / how they’ll even fit into the story. for one WIP, I actually wrote a bunch of “deleted scenes” that I knew were never going to be included but helped me get to know the characters better!

    also, I would absolutely love to see more posts about writing 😉

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    1. Haha I get what you mean about rereading and how it can have that sort of an effect.
      And writing random scenes sounds like good advice – something I’ll be sure to use!

      And that is great to know – I’ll try to come up with some new writing posts soon! 🙂

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  2. I don’t write books or stories, just on my blog and my own personal journal. I also have other artistic aspirations and your tips work out for those as well. I always love working with aesthetics or memory boards….things I can look at to inspire me to keep going. Or listen to. Candles to smell or aromatherapy. Basically appealing to the senses I find helps me a lot when I get stuck.

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  3. I love love love making aesthetics for my characters! It’s an easy (well sort of, if you know what you’re looking for) and fun way to get a feeling for your characters and it looks nice!
    I usually put on a tv series I’ve watched before and write (which turns into me naming a few characters after some of the tv series characters!

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  4. Sounds like great advice. I love the pinterest to do aesthetic for the characters and setting. I love blog hopping gets me back to blogging and get off the slump. Also shared these with my reader.

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