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Thoughts I have when someone reads a book I love

Hey everyone! I’m back again with another instalment of ‘Off Tangent Thought’., a meme created by Charvi @Not Just Fiction. She has an amazing blog that I love so, go check it out and give her some more love!

Todays Prompt:



—> *hands over book*

—> *tries to act cool as the person smiles and thanks me*

—> *breathes deeply s I watch the person walk away*

—> time to act cool.

—> be cool, Jayati

—> it’s okay, they’ll take care of it

2 days later/ whenever I see that person next

—> did you start reading it yet?

—> how far did you reach?

—> How are you liking it?

—> Which is your favourite character?

—> Oh, you’re only on pg (somewhere below 150)

—> okay, just read faster

—> (the person says I’m reading as fast as I can)

—> *screams internally*

—> *smiles outwardly*

—> I’m sure you are – just read faster

—> Calls them obsessively. like every few hours.

—> *freaks when they reach a big part and call you to talk about it*

—> *fangirls and screams with them*

—> *thinks about what’s going to happen next and ushers the person back to reading*

—> *screams at the person to read faster when they reach the climax*

—> *reads with them over their shoulder at this part if I’m with them*

—> screams when they tell me they love the book

—> fangirls about it with them

—> tells them that I told you that you would love it

—> *gushes over the book and talks about future books by that author*

These are my usual thoughts when I give any of my friends my books. Since I only lend them out to my closest friends whom I trust and who know that they better read the book fast or they’ll be castrated by me, this is what usually happens but there was this one case where my friend did not read the books for a long while and as a bonus, these were my thoughts then:


—> *the person cowers*

—> *says I am sorry and that they will start reading it soon*

—> *pokes them repeatedly and remind them to read it*




—> *huffs in annoyance*

—> You know what? I’m just taking the book back

—> *person says I am sorry again and that they will start reading it immediately*

—> *calls them the next day*

—> yes, I read it!

—> I’m on pg 55

—> not good, but it’s a start

—> you can do it!

—> *warns them* I’m gonna spoil you if you don’t read faster

—> *discusses the book with them once they are finished with it*


So, those were my thoughts when someone reads a book I love. What are your thoughts? Do your real life friends read books you recommend them? Is your thought process similar to mine? Or is it completely different? Tell me in the comments below. 

Jaytai xx

17 thoughts on “Thoughts I have when someone reads a book I love

  1. Haha this is so funny… I don’t have anyone nearby whom I can pester this way though 😜😜😜 So I just wait for my friend to msg me on WhatsApp so we can Fangirl all about it 😍😍😍

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  2. I leave them alone unless it’s a book I really love. I remember just sitting next to my husband in bed staring at him until he finished the last chapter in one of my favorite books, ahaha he was not impressed, I did not care, I needed him to understand the importance of finishing, and it turns out we both love the book lol

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  3. I am that exact way with my friends! I have actually been like a centimeter close to spoiling a book because my friend didn’t start reading the book until the day before anyways it was really bad. Lovely post and what a great spin on Charvi’s post! I hope you have a great day 💜😄

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  4. “be cool, it’s okay” yup it me, that’s exactly how I react to lending out my books, on the very very rare occasions that I do 😅 especially when it’s a book I really love, then I usually make them promise to livetext me their reaction and send pics of their favorite quotes (definitely not as proof that they’re actually reading the book and not just wikipedia-ing it, I totally trust my friends *coughs*)

    it is THE most frustrating thing when they don’t immediately start the book! like, I want three updates by the end of the night. or else. (threatening with spoilers is definitely also me 😈)

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    1. Hahah that’s an excellent move and you can be sure that I am going to swipe it to use with my friends
      I know!!! (You’re so evil but then I am too – just don’t threaten me if I’m slow with the priory, pretty please? 🙈)

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