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My Travelling Essentials

Since I am travelling to Vietnam this month, I decided to do a few posts featuring that! Today I am sharing with all of you some things that I really need to have in my hand luggage and need to be able to access at all times when I am going on any flight.

My laptop 

Honestly, I never go anywhere without my laptop and are you even surprised? I am attached to my laptop by the hip and I am not even ashamed about it. My laptop’s a pretty old apple version but I love it and honestly, I am gonna keep using it until it breaks and I am forced to buy a new one. 

My Kindle

I kind of just bought a kindle and have only a few books on it but I like to carry it around with me everywhere since I have quite a few unread books on there + I have all my ARCs on there so I better catch up on them any time I get! 

My phone

Again, goes without saying that I have a lot of stuff on there that I need at all times. 

A physical book 

Yeah, I carry a Kindle but I need a physical book too just in case. I am always more comfortable and familiar with a physical book as compared to my Kindle since I am just trying to get used to it so I’ll always carry a physical book with me. 

(I am actually carrying a total of 3 physical books to Vietnam and my preferred one that I kept in my Hand baggage is Six of Crows)

My Camera 

I am not that good at photography? I mean, I don’t know. I just bought a camera in September last year and I’ve been using it and trying to figure out its features. I’m getting a lot better and I hope I am able to capture some great clicks to share with you all! 


If I am travelling on a plane, I need chocolate.

Power Bank 

In case the battery of anything runs out – I like to have a backup. I just like to be prepared for all sorts of conditions.


Those are the 7 things I absolutely must have. What are your travelling essentials? Tell me in the comments below! 


20 thoughts on “My Travelling Essentials

  1. I always have to have my kindle and a book with me as well! I stopped taking my laptop with me, but I used to bring it with me ALWAYS. If it’s a longer flight I’ll bring some warm fuzzy socks and a small blanket for optimal comfort. 😉

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  2. saaaaaame, laptop + Kindle + phone (and corresponding chargers!) are top of my travel list. power bank / portable battery is also good to have on hand, though I always forget to charge mine 😅 I used to always bring a camera, but mine is a point-and-shoot so my iPhone actually works better (and it’s one less thing to remember to bring / charge!) – hoping for a DSLR someday, but in the meantime smartphone cameras really aren’t half bad.

    my big one is a reusable waterbottle – I hate paying for bottled water, and I always get dehydrated on planes and walking around all day! water is disproportionately heavy, but definitely important to have on hand – and as a former marching band kid, the importance of hydration has been beaten into my brain 😉 snacks are also good, and I like to throw a few pens, hairties, and band-aids into my bag just in case. if my bag is big enough and/or I think it’s likely that I’ll need it, I’ll also dress in layers and bring a jacket. (planes are always cold, so I always need a jacket for flights!) for longer trips I like having my itinerary and local maps printed out just in case something happens to my electronics, though I don’t always do this tbh.

    come to think of it, my travel essentials are pretty much the same as my everyday carry for school 🤔

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    1. Smart phone cameras definitely aren’t bad but DSLRs *whistles*
      I have a mini DSLR and the difference is shocking!

      I always dress in layers too! And usually carry a scarf with me in case I get cold on the flight ( but I’m forgetful 🙈)

      Hmm, that’s definitely an interesting observation

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  3. We are constant travelers as well, and I definitely take all that you listed. (we live in Switzerland, so Chocolate is a must – ha ha). I also have to remember to take my glasses!! 🙂


  4. A power bank and a camera are definitely must haves of you ask me! Hahah I can’t get over you both have a kindle and still bring a long three physical books ;)) I don’t have a kindle but I am seriously considering buying one or is it waste of money?

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    1. Haha lol – nor can my mother it seems because anytime I try to buy something she reminds of the space those books are taking up in my luggage!
      You should! I just bought it a few months ago and I think it’s definitely worth it – books are cheaper on it and it’s also easier to carry around! Plus you always have choices which is a big plus for me since I’m a BIG mood reader!


  5. I desperately need to get back into photography – and I agree with you on the laptop point. Since starting university I keep all my work and personal stuff on my laptop because it makes working so much easier.

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  6. I always travel with both kindle and physical book(s) — and I make sure to also have enough space in my luggage for the new books I inevitably will buy while on vacation LOL! I really need to buy a power bank though, it would be infinitely useful.

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  7. Our travel essentials definitely match, though I always also bring my OLD iPod so I don’t waste my phone battery and for my daughter I bring a pretty old iPad that we have movies downloaded on so if there’s movie time, well, it’s there and ready! Also, I bet you’ll be fantastic with that camera before you know it, take pics of everything please lolol

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    1. Ohh bringing an old iPod sounds like a really good idea now and I’ll be sure to take it and remember you the next time I’m travelling!

      (I did take a looot of photos and I’ll be posting them on Twitter – hopefully soon!)

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  8. I take my kindle everywhere with me when I travel. It’s just so much easier to carry around! I also take a metal water bottle with me too because it keeps the water cold and there’s nothing worse than warm water haha!

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