June Goals

Hey everyone! June means that summer vacations are here and it is time to plan and do a lot of things! So, today, I am sharing with all of you a list of things I hope to accomplish in these 30 days!


  • Write 25,000 words. I Really need to catch up on writing and need to move forward in my WIP.
  • Read 7 books for the Biblio Games Readathon. 
  • Listen to an audiobook (Becoming by Michelle Obama)
  • Study hard and finish my holiday homework.
  • Post consistently (3 times a week).
  • Reply to comments and keep up to date with them.
  • Blog hop more often.
  • Have fun in Vietnam! (yes, that needs to be a goal)
  • Take a lot of photographs.
  • Schedule for half of July since school will be back in session then and there will be a lot to do.


So, those are my goals for this month! What are your goals? tell me in the comments below! 



19 thoughts on “June Goals

  1. My first goal is to set some goals and post them! Hopefully this weekend. You have some great goals posted up above so congrats to you. I also would like to start doodling in the hopes of maybe starting up a freeform journal someday.

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  2. haha I have the opposite approach to summer vacation: “it’s time to let myself *not* plan so much and take it easy” 😜 but for those who can harness the extra free time, it’s definitely a good time to get things done and I wish you the best with your goals!

    writing is definitely on my list too, but I’m probably gonna focus more on making it a habit (writing a bit each day for as many days as possible) to establish it as part of my routine before I jump into Camp NaNo in July. scheduling posts is another big one for sure, as are bloghopping and keeping up with comments – also ongoing struggles, but every bit counts.

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    1. Haha, I get that.
      Honestly, I am bad at using my free time but this year with exams that determine my future in 2020 March and the school pressure because of that and all the tutions added on top of it, I really need to work!

      That really sounds good and I hope you are able to make it a habit!
      I am really moody and while I’d love to write a bit everyday, it is not for me.

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