Monthly Wrap-Up

May Wrap-Up

Hey everyone! It’s already the 3rd of June, so here I am, wrapping up the wonderful month of May so that we can move forward and enjoy June – one of the hottest months in the year but also my favourite as we have summer vacations!


May was a month in which a lot was going on and there was a lot I wanted to do yet I really couldn’t since school was just about to break for summer vacations and our teachers were hurrying to finish the chapters and I had quite a few parties to attend and a lot of tutions to go to too.

Also, I wasn’t feeling too well throughout the month leading me to not being able to cope with a lot of stuff but I tried my best and did as much as I could. Everyone needs a break so I just let things be but I plan to start working again now because I’m feeling better and well, I need to move on with everything if I ever want to actually catch up!


None. 😦

Well, it was kind of a slump but I’m ready to kick it and put in in the backseat and as a motivation, I am taking part The Biblio Games Readathon and I shared my TBR with you guys and you can see it right over here.


So as I wasn’t feeling too well, I wasn’t really in a mood to write a lot of posts and hence, there was quite a decline in the number of posts I posted this month.

I started by sharing with you all my Favourite Non-bookish Things from April.

I was tagged in the ‘My Name in My TBR Books Tag’ and I decided to that this month and you can check that out here

Since I wasn’t feeling too well this month, I decided to share with you all some things I do to improve my mood. 

Also, since the summers are here, I shared 15 amazing YA contemporaries for you all to read and enjoy this month! 



TOP 5 TUESDAY Jefasdfghjklthday! copy


Top 5 books I want to reread


Screen Shot 2019-04-27 at 10.50.57 PM

Thoughts I have While Writing a Discussion Post

Reading Challenges Status

  • Goodreads Reading Challenge: 30/50 (60%)
  • PopSugar Reading Challenge: 11/40 (27.5%)
  • Classics Reading Challenge: 4/50 (8%)

My Plans for June

First off, I am going to kick this reading slump and move forward. I hate the days/weeks when I do not read and so I am not going to tolerate this slump anymore!

Secondly, I am going on vacation to Vietnam from the 7th of June until the 19th so it’s going to be a pretty long holiday and I plan to do a lot of things while I’m there! We’re going to be at a hotel near a beach for about 5 days of our trip and I plan to do a lot of photography while I’m there. I also plan to use the nice weather and food as a motivation to write my WIP or even just continue writing form blog posts and preparing for the future!

Thirdly, I have a lot of holiday homework to do and I plan to dedicate my time to that so I can get that over with and have fun for whatever part of my vacations is left after it is done!


That is all for this month! Hope you liked it. Share how your month was in the comments below. How many books did you read? What are your plans for June 

-Jayati xx




21 thoughts on “May Wrap-Up

  1. I’m glad you are feeling better now Jayati and I hope it will stay that way! Just for your information: the link to your Biblio Games TBR is not included 🙂

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  2. I hope you feel better now! It’s unfortunate you didn’t read any books but it happens so don’t look too into it. Hopefully you can read a lot this month as you have holidays! I read 3 books last month and I’m hoping to read a lot more this month because I have summer holidays! Have fun on your holiday and good luck on your reading!

    Liked by 1 person

  3. oh no it sucks that your May was so busy and you weren’t feeling well on top of that, it’s one of the worst feelings 😕 but hey it’s over now and I hope your June goes a lot better!

    you’re definitely going to defeat the slump, I believe in you ⚔ please take lots and lots and of pics of Vietnam so I can live vicariously through you, I’ve never been but want to! also have fun ofc, your blog and holiday homework will still be here when you get back so don’t worry too much about doing it while you’re there 😉 enjoy the beach and try lots of street food!

    my June is a lot less exciting than yours, mostly just gonna be at home reading and emailing professors at my school about maybe doing research with them and applying to jobs related to my major as near my school as possible …. the joys of adulting. but I’m sure it’ll be worth it in the long term, and once that’s taken care of I’m planning on setting up my first traveler’s notebook soon which I’ve been looking forward to (ironic since I won’t be traveling at all this summer, not counting my flight from school to home, then back to school later in the summer 🤔)

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Yeah! Here’s to hoping for better and brighter days!

      I promise I will and I’ll send them all to you so you feel like you’re there!
      I worry too much so I don’t think I’ll be able to just leave it but I’ll surely enjoy the beach and eat the street food too! 🤗

      Well staying at home and reading is may not be exciting but it is my dream vacation (because if I’m at home, I’m either being asked to do something or am being pushed out of the house)

      Ah well, I hope you find a good job and as you said, it’ll all pay off in the end so it will be worth it!
      Really? That’s interesting! I can’t wait to see what you end up doing with your travellers notebook!

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  4. YOU’RE GOING TO BE GONE?! Are you going to be on Discord?? because I need to tell you to read and do your vacation homework and I can’t do that when you’re not there 😦 I do really hope you’ll feel better, but take your time. Nothing is worse than forcing yourself to do something and then start hating it 😦 ❤

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    1. Yeah I will be gone Michelle 😢
      But I’ll still be on discord whenever I can – we will have wifi in the hotel and I don’t plan to abandon my blog for those 12 days so I’ll be everywhere quite a bit!
      And haha, I really appreciate your reminders! ( and yes, I’ve been good and I’ve been doing my homework and I have been reading and kicking my reading slump’s ass)
      Aw thanks! And I am feeling a lot better now 🙂


  5. I know you’ll get over that reading slump and June sounds incredibly busy, I mean, Vietnam?! Please tell me you’ll share pictures!!! I would love to see them!! I can’t wait for your month and don’t worry about slumps, they happen to most! But we’re all still around lol

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  6. My may was pretty much the same slump wise. Gosh , I hope you get over that slump sooner than u think. There are a lot of people with reading slumps in May coming to think of it😅

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Oof, that really sucks.
      I think I’m pretty over that slump now since I’m almost done with one book and am halfway through a second one as well!
      I hope you’re able to get over your slump soon as well!

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