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What I do to improve my mood when I’m having a bad day

Honestly, bad days are unavoidable and since I haven’t been having a good week I thought I’d write about what I’ve been doing about it and how I’ve been trying to motivate myself to get up and actually do some stuff through the day.

In this post, I’m just talking about some things that help me and put me in a better mood. Hope they can help you too if you’re feeling low!


Sleep may not really be that productive but I think that falling off to sleep is a much better alternative than getting up, sitting in bed and letting bad thoughts enter your brain. Sleep is peaceful and relaxing and there are so many days that we are swamped with work and are unable to sleep so it is always good to sleep a bit and unwind!

The feeling you have when you wake up on your own without any disturbances is one of the best feelings according to me and it puts me in an overall better mood so I try to sleep on bad days so I am better by the time I wake up.

Listen to music 

LIstening to good, uplifting music is another thing I often do on such days since the music is usually really loud and stop the self-destructive thoughts and also good music often serves as a motivating factor to me – allowing me to get up and shower and do something – even if only one productive thing through the day!

Thing is, the music gets me going and singing along and that in itself is an achievement.


You’re not feeling like doing anything and I’m telling you to write? Isn’t that bad advice?

Well, no, I’m not really telling you to write a story or something like that – I’m asking you to write about your feelings. It really helps me especially since I hate to talk o other people on my bad days so the writing really helps me let out my feelings and makes me feel much lighter by the end of it.

We’ve often heard people say it’s not good to keep your feeling inside you and since I’m quite a reserved person in real life and have only a few people I’m comfortable enough to share things with, I find it easier to write and let out my feelings yet not have to be vulnerable in front of  someone else.

Draw/ Colour

Again, I don’t mean that you should draw something elaborate – just doodle anything.

I find it to be very peaceful and relaxing and it usually ends up putting me in a much better mood than before.

Another thing that I find peaceful is colouring the drawing in those colouring books for kids. It may seem silly to a lot of people but it helps me let loose and it’s just that there are proper instructions that I can follow and end up with something that will surely look good and that assurance really helps me! It makes it all a very thoughtless process and I like that.


So those are my tips on how to get yourself to feel better. 

Do you have any tips for me? What helps you feel better? Do you do anything that I’ve mentioned in my post to help yourself feel better? Tell me in the comments below! 




12 thoughts on “What I do to improve my mood when I’m having a bad day

  1. I relate to so many of thoses !
    Though I do have an adult coloring book, I don’t use it anymore… it has been one hell of a while. But being a thinker, writting (in a real notebook or a post or whatever online) really does wonder on me ! Of course that happening mostly before bed *aherm* so writting allow me to push it out of my brain so I can sleep « peacefully ».

    Also at the end of my recovery, I started listening to music in my bed and just.. wait for the bad thoughts to pass (or until I pass out xd)

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  2. Great list. Letting out your feelings (especially anger) is so relieving and makes me feel more productive and it has this wonderful ability to help me decide what I need to do next to resolve my issues.

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