April Non-Bookish Favourites

Hey everyone! I watched a lot of things in April and I absolutely can not wait to tell you all about some of my favourites from my month!

I have chosen my 3 absolute favourites from this month and here we go…


Avengers: Endgame 


I went to watch this movie as soon as my exams got over and oh my god, I loved it!!!

Spoilers, click on the triangle only if you are okay with being spoiled.

I mean, I was crying like a maniac by the end of the movie! I think I started crying when Natasha died and never ended up stopping? The movie was just so emotional!
The moment when Captain catches Thor’s hammer and Thor’s just like it’s about time and looks at Cap proudly! How could one not cry then?
Then there was the reunion between Peter and Tony that made me tear up so bad, and the reunion between Barton and his family as well!
Seeing Captain and Peggy dance was also too much for me to handle and I ended up crying through all of it. It was a good ending, bittersweet but well, I guess that was needed and expected.


Jane The Virgin


Season 5 of Jane the Virgin has been airing every Wednesday all through this month and I have a lot of fun watching each one. There was a lot of suspense at the end of each episode and it always kept me hooked! I can not believe this amazing series is going to come to an end soon!

Meteor Garden


This Chinese remake of Boys over Flowers is one of the best drama shows I have ever watched. I started it last month when I was recommended it by Soph @BookWyrmingThoughts and now I am on episode 30 and I can not wait to find more time to watch it!

What did you all think of my post? Have you all seen any of the TV shows or movies that I mentioned? What did you people think about it? Tell me in the comments below. Will be waiting to hear from you all, it means a lot to me.

-Jayati xx

19 thoughts on “April Non-Bookish Favourites

  1. I see your “I cried at [spoiler] and never stopped” and raise you “I started crying at the opening credits” 😜 but for real, I think I was crying for at least 2.5 hours of the 3 hours I was in the theater. holy wow. I agree that it was good closure, it was such a satisfying movie with so many powerful moments.

    also ooooooh look who’s joining the Meteor Garden fanclub (has not watched it, might be saving it for a post-finals destressor)

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    1. well, really?
      *eyes Isabelle questioningly*
      yeah well the movie sure was dramatic and even more so the second time over (after I had binged the entire list of MCU films because I’m crazy)

      *raises hand* I am!
      ah, I hope you watch it and join us soon!

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  2. Lovely Month you have there… Am yet to watch EndGame… I stop watching Jane The Virgin at season 4 not cause of I got bored but I hardly watch Hollywood if i don’t have someone to watch with… Meteor Garden I watch that while it not my top favorite it really good.. Since am more of the asian fan I finish watching Nice to meet you (you can check my blog for full review), Currently watching Oriented Odyssey, Put your head on my shoulder, Her Private life and The Fiery Priest

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    1. I hope you watch Endgame soona nd like it! I can not wait to see what you think about it!
      Also well, I get that!
      Well, I’ll take a look at the Tv shows you’ve suggested but it’ll probably be a while since I have so many lined up anyway! I’m trash for TV so maybe not that long?
      (lord knows what I am saying now cause I’m just contradicting my own self)


    1. I agree, I mean it was nice – the ending was bittersweet and I expected it but well, we could maybe chat about it sometime on discord if you’re up for it?
      I hope you watch Jane The Virgin soon! I am completely obsessed with it!

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  3. AVENGERS ENDGAME HAS KILLED ME SOUL. Honestly, I didn’t cry as much as I thought which is good, but it’s like I was prepared for the heartbreak after Infinity War. I absolutely loved it, and for TV I’ve been binging Cold Case this past month or so, I used to love it and finally got back into it. I’ve heard good things about Jane the Virgin, but I think I’ll totally be looking into Meteor Garden first lol

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      Heartbreak was inevitable (You see what I did there? *wink*) and well, I was prepared but crying couldn’t be stopped!
      Oh I have never watched Cold Case but I’ll surely look into it!
      Ohh hope you join the Meteor Garden fan fam too soon! Can’t wait to see your views! xx

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  4. I am not an emotional person neither a huge MARVEL fan and I cried at the last scene too, hahah. It was very moving! I had just rewatched Captain America: The First Avengers a few days before and I got the reference instantly and my heart just melted. Steve is one of my favorites (probably the 2nd one, right below Black Panther, because ofc) and I am so glad he finally got his happy ending!

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    1. Ahh well, that scene did bring out emotions from everyone that saw it!
      Aww yes, that reference just killed me! Steve was surely my fav and I am sad to see him go but well, as you said- he finally got the happy ending he deserved and i was very happy for him!

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